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4/3/2022 c27 lwig
Oh my, this is so good! Their lives are turning out so happy.
4/3/2022 c27 lillianolivia.white
Omg, I had to go lie down, I was crying so hard. Yes, this is where I thought they would be, because of the chapter in Charlies POV. But the way you wrote it just blew me away. I loved reading about the family and friends too. And when Edward thanked his Dadper BD2 style) I just lost it. Wonderful Part 1 of the Epilog.
4/3/2022 c27 1NimNimBojangles
Oh my goodness this was such a pleasant surprise to have in my inbox this weekend!

I love seeing just how far they've all come. 3 I'm pretty sure I cried at least 5 times while reading this!
4/3/2022 c27 Flippysten
Thank you, thank you! I loved it! I so hoped they ended up married. The wedding was beautiful : ) I've missed these two, can't wait for the second epilogue. Hoping they have kids :D
4/3/2022 c27 mysticfighter111
No, they're even better than I hoped. Thanksgiving in Forks was so full of love and good emotions. Closure from seeing the house gone and the proposal on the playground brought them full circle.
4/3/2022 c27 LaPumuckl
I'm not able to say much because I'm still crying happy tears...
4/3/2022 c27 woosh48
Perfect wedding for them! I loved how her old house was gone and how that helped her!
4/3/2022 c27 Mercyrus
Why you have me crying on a Sunday this early? *ugly cries*
4/3/2022 c27 TrulyOutrageous
Love it!
4/3/2022 c27 tas62
Love the life these two and Alice and Jasper have been able to make for themselves. The proposal was perfect and so was the wedding. Can't wait for Part 2.
3/28/2022 c26 OpheliaBedelia
I started reading this on a whim when it was recommended to me by the FF app, and honestly I probably wouldn't have if I'd noticed how long it is, but I'm glad I did. It didn't feel long; it held my interest throughout, and it was very well paced.

Also not much fanfiction makes me cry but this one did. You are good at writing about very flawed characters in a way that makes the reader root for them anyway. I especially liked the quiet but important bond between Jasper and Bella. Nicely done.
3/28/2022 c20 OpheliaBedelia
Alice is so funny in this chapter! Love this version of her.
3/28/2022 c14 OpheliaBedelia
"What happened in my room stays between me, Bella, and Alice, apparently" made me literally LOL.
3/24/2022 c26 PuzzlePerfect9
Wow. This was a really emotional story, especially the last chapter. I hope you still plan to add the two epilogues.
3/20/2022 c26 Zveka
good story with complicate characters ...not always lovable...
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