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2/27/2022 c26 TwiFanfictionRecs
In The Weeds has been voted in the Top 10 fics completed in January by visitors of www . twifanfictionrecs . com
2/24/2022 c26 la-geologia
I loved this story so much! What a ride this was! I'm so happy this group was able to find their happy ending. It was wonderful to see them grow and change, and support each other through everything. It was an emotional journey, but my heart feels so happy in the end. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story! :)
2/22/2022 c1 2melissathediva
this story is so good
I'm literally crying and this is my sixth time reading it
this author is the best
2/18/2022 c26 Guest
I can’t believe this story is nearing the end
2/19/2022 c26 xoLove
Shed a couple tears on this last chapter. Thank you for a wonderful story and sharing this wild journey with us. Definitely a fic worthwhile to re-read again every now and then. :)
2/16/2022 c6 Rolange
Boy, Edward’s a real dick. I get it. His parents split up and he hates everyone and everything but I don’t get why he stopped being Bella’s friend or why he has to be a dick to her, his dad, Victoria or even Jake. I hope he gets his head out of his ass soon. You know, divorce isn’t the end of the world. Lol. Thanks for writing.
2/14/2022 c26 debb lavoie
Oh god, this was gut wrenching. Every one has a story, with help so much would have been different.
2/14/2022 c25 debb lavoie
So friggin good! Hard to read, so real, loved this story. Thank you.
2/14/2022 c24 debb lavoie
I'm so happy she doesn't have to go into the system. She's going to be ok.
2/14/2022 c23 debb lavoie
Nicely done, he was great with her.
2/14/2022 c22 debb lavoie
Ok, you got me teary eyed. He said them, three big words
I'm happy Edward had some closure. He's doing better and so is Bella.
2/14/2022 c21 debb lavoie
Yeah, Jasper really needed that, to know Edward cares.
2/14/2022 c19 debb lavoie
Yessss! Thank goodness.
2/14/2022 c20 debb lavoie
Ohh Bella, you keep saying the worse things
2/14/2022 c19 debb lavoie
Why don't the three of them say she's his sister, sigh.
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