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1/12/2022 c24 Pattsy1994
The judge just simply sums it up. I want to cry for her, cheers for Mr Brandan.
1/12/2022 c26 midnitereader
This last section made me cry. Charlie did a lot of bad things in his life. and yes, he did them when Renee was still alive. But it escalated after his wife died. With a lot of therapy for all three of them, they were able to move past it and forgive. Charlie truly felt remorseful for his treatment of Bella. He made the sacrifice to try and save his daughter that fateful day and he paid the price for it. But now in his final moments he can go peacefully seeing his daughter with her husband and child happy. And that word on her lips as his life fades away, "dad."
1/12/2022 c26 4sambeam
i’m glad that charlie had a redemption, he was awful but it’s clear that he had time to come to terms with his behaviour and genuinely regret it and feel remorseful. can’t wait for the other epilogues!
1/12/2022 c23 Pattsy1994
What a chapter. A lot has happened, let's hope it's the beginning of peace.
1/11/2022 c26 Gaby-wotnow
Oof this one was painful. Thank you for sharing this with us.
1/11/2022 c26 Bevey99
Damn you just had to get one sob out of me, didn't you? This was hard to read, but perfectly believable. Damn, thanks for writing and sharing this amazing story.
1/11/2022 c26 iamafan10
That was beautiful!
1/11/2022 c26 Smusic F. Reader
I understand why you thought it was brutal to write. It was so hard to read at the end. Although Charlie was the biggest asshole, and I mean the biggest, throughout the whole story… I had so many good feels around him in the end. I think that having him take the fall for Aro and Dimitri, was great punishment for the hell he put Bella through! I was so proud of Bella and Edward forgiving him. And allow them to relinquish the hold he had on them for so many years. And towards the end of this chapter, I found myself tearing up because I knew that he found away to redeem himself for all his wrong doing. I cried all through the last few words. Every since Bella and Edward revealed that their daughter will be named Meadow. Great chapter!
1/11/2022 c25 midnitereader
I definitely think Edward has redeemed himself. And all of it for the love of his one time best friend, the girl he loves forever now. He's made strides to get out of the life he thought he would continue in. He improved his relationship with his dad. and he sees a future for himself now. But mostly, in his chill way, he's living his life day by day without panic attacks.
1/11/2022 c24 midnitereader
Bella is so strong. She has learned how to survive an alcoholic father, no parental guidance and yet she goes to work every weekday and maintains good enough grades to get accepted into the University of Washington. She's managed to stay alive and sane with all the adversity in her life and with the help of dear friends who care about her.
1/11/2022 c26 2musicdaydreams
Charlie had been a crappy father since Renee died but this chapter still made me cry so much. At least he was able to take responsibility and accept how he was and what he did. It was great to see the snippets of Edward and Bella’s lives and know they were happy together and were able to put most of the bad stuff behind them. And Bella being able to forgive Charlie helped them both, I think.
Thank you for giving us this view into Charlie. I definitely think it added needed closure for that part of the story.
1/11/2022 c23 midnitereader
They've come so far. This chapter shows them moving forward all the way. So many changes in their lives. Carlisle is ready to move on, move away. Edward is finding it hard to let go though. But plans to vacate that life he leads are coming to fruition. Hope it all goes as planned.
1/11/2022 c26 Emulation91
Never thought I would feel any sympathy for Charlie, but here I am. Loved this chapter so much. Got choked up at the end. Thank you!
1/11/2022 c26 Sateenkaarie
Oh gosh, right in the feels
1/11/2022 c26 1jlap.mypersonalfiles
Good chapter, but so sad. It made me cry throughout the ending of it
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