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for In The Weeds

3/3/2023 c27 1Myketje
what a great story! loved it!
2/13/2023 c27 Petal145
I couldn’t put this down, I loved this.
2/8/2023 c27 52old4fanfic
What a ride! Amazing story, well told
2/8/2023 c26 2old4fanfic
This chapter was a killer!
1/18/2023 c27 Guest
What a wonderful story. I absolutely loved it. So are one of my favorite writers. Thank you ️
12/31/2022 c27 Rita01tx
More tears *sniff* but happy ones! Alice walkin' Bella down the aisle got me right in the feels! Lookin' forward to part 2 'cause I'm not ready to leave them!
12/31/2022 c26 Rita01tx
Oh, crap! I'm not cryin' *snotsob!*
12/31/2022 c25 Rita01tx
What a relief watchin' them escape childhood into young adulthood!
12/31/2022 c24 Rita01tx
Awww, that ol' judge wasn't as mean as she looked!
12/31/2022 c23 Rita01tx
Lordamercy, that was so worth the wait...for all of us, I think LOL! Now to shake the bad guys!
12/31/2022 c22 Rita01tx
Tryin' to picture Edward as an uncle...yeah, he could be an awesome uncle now that he's conquered his demons with the help of his friends and family!
12/31/2022 c21 Rita01tx
All these kids have had such a shit time with their parents...or lack thereof *sigh!* Whether Charlie is actually turnin' over a new leaf remains to be seen but Dimitri needs to be taken out one way or another or none of them is ever safe again!
12/31/2022 c20 Rita01tx
If that brutal honesty didn't convince Dimitri that Edward and Bella are together, I don't know what will! They really are makin' progress gettin' to know each other all over again!
12/30/2022 c19 Rita01tx
Finally, everything is out on the was a long time comin'!
12/30/2022 c18 Rita01tx
Edward to the rescue, sort of! In any case, his confession seems a little too late...for now!?
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