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12/21/2022 c2 Rita01tx
And no one around to call CPS on Charlie! Not that throwin' Bella into the system would be an improvement *sigh!*
12/21/2022 c1 Rita01tx
Life can be so cruel, especially to children who suffer such great losses at such an early age!
12/16/2022 c27 Just Sus
This was an incredible story! It was so full of angst, but amazing that these two kids made it through to be strong, successful adults. And, they did it together! I loved this. Usually, I don't care for this type of story, but it was so beautifully written that I couldn't put it down. Thank you for sharing. Please do the 2nd epi, and show us how their lives went. Thank you!
12/9/2022 c27 Jay
Hoping for epilogue 2 as well whenever. Thank you for sharing your stories
11/26/2022 c27 J
I hope we get epilogue 2. Ive loved this story 3
11/19/2022 c27 Iersseltje
Thank you for sharing. It was a difficult but interesting journey.
10/30/2022 c27 TritonGreen
Loved the story, even if it hurt some times to read on. And the epilogues made it perfect. Thank you!
10/28/2022 c27 Nance Leathead
Any plans for epi part #2?
9/21/2022 c27 Marble Eyez
I absolutely loved this story! The writing was amazing handling and discussion of their individual traumas was so great; it’s a long journey and I’m happy you didn’t rush or gloss over their process. The characters felt so real, they were so well flushed out. While I didn’t like some their actions, I could understand their reasoning. And Charlie’s chapter was so fantastic, the growth from everyone was so beautiful. His last thoughts…I was tearing up before, but that made me full on cry. This is a story that I will definitely be revisiting in the future!
9/14/2022 c27 6Way 2 HP Obsessed
I really loved this story! Is there going to be a second epilogue?
9/11/2022 c27 67Paliia
Thank you for sharing!
9/7/2022 c27 2XxFantasyFiascoxX
I have read and reread this story several times. I place it in my top 3! I’m so impressed by not only your concept, but your dialogue, your characters that have flaws and overall story structure. Just enough anticipation and lead up to create a maximum effect climax to the story! Truly bravo! The first time I read it I was a little jelly my brain didn’t create such an amazing story as this one! I’m not usually this weird but I felt praise needed to be given!
8/21/2022 c27 1DMBSJB18
This fic has consumed my last two days. Wow. I read one of your A/N s at the end, and it makes more sense knowing that you were trying to write a character that seemed irredeemable, and to see if you could redeem him. Because Edward was the actual worst. And his reasoning for bullying Bella made absolutely no sense, honestly. To being best friends go replacing her and then bullying her. Nope, doesn’t make sense at all.
Do I think he was redeemed? Honestly, no. What he did to Bella was absolutely the worst.
The fact that he was an absolute disgusting manwhore, I gagged quite a few times. Haha! And I don’t know how Bella was actually able to not care about any of that. Because she didn’t- at all. Even when he broke up with her and then fucked two other girls and got head multiple times. And then wanted Bella back. She’s just all, sure, whatever Edward. I love you.
And I really don’t feel like Edward did anything to make me feel like he really redeemed himself. At all. I guess he stopped sleeping around finally? He… said he was sorry?

BUT after saying and thinking all of that, here I was over here STILL rooting for the SOB. Manwhore wards are honestly my least favorite in the fandom and usually I think Bella deserves better. But here, man I wanted these two together! (Though, I do still wish Bella had more sexual experience. The virgin/manwhore trope is done a lot.)
Even with how terrible Edward was, he pulled on my heart strings. And Bella, I just want that girl to be happy! And, even though Edward was the cause of a lot of her pain, if he is what makes her happy now, then I’m rooting for them 110%.
So I don’t think he was redeemed per say, but I am so glad he has changed and that him and Bella seem to be living their best lives. They both deserve it.
This fic had my feelings all over the map. Ready to throw my phone across the room, panting bc HOT, and just sappy love feelings, too. So thank you for writing it :)
8/20/2022 c27 Nellybean0710
wow this story was truly amazing. I was sucked right in from the start. I like the fact that it is really and tells a story of the harded lifestyle people live in. I can not wait to see the next chapter. please update soon.
8/15/2022 c10 SeptemberGirl 7
This drug dealing is dangerous and I cannot believe Edward is bringing Bella into the fold.
Edward should get out himself…NOT add Bella to the toxic mix.
Glad to see Edward making strides to be a ‘better’ person.
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