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7/25 c10 18frankannestein
Yay another shirt from Woomie! And the way it begins heehee I just know that when Dean’s exasperated, Cas is behind it. This oughta be good!

And I was right! This is gold! A spell on an addled angel, kids on a leash, and Dean doing Sam so dirty, lmao. Tallest animal in the zoo, his own fire tower … oh goodness I’m giggling so much. I feel a bit guilty that I’m not worried about Cas, because I’m too distracted by Dean in a bad mood. So funny.

And there he is! Free the llama! I’m getting shades of psyche ward Cas here, no wonder the boys are so frazzled. And then OMG hand full of llama spit! *wipes away tears* I can just see that happening. And Dean’s reaction! GOLD I tell you!

This was super cute! It’s nice to have these interludes, it really is. I hope that there will be more!

Until then,

~ Anne
7/16 c9 Guest
Q. W. W. W ww w. W. Q. Qw. W w q w. Q. W. W. W. W. Q. W. W. W. W e. W. W. W e. Qw. W w w. W. W e. W. W w. Q q. Qq. W. W. W. W. Q. W. W. Q. Q. W. W. W. W. W. Q. W. W. W. E ew w w wew e Wq. W. Ww. W e. W. W. W. W w. W. W. E. Eq. Qqee. W. We qw ww. W. W w.
7/9 c10 Kathy
cute story, of course I looked up that car museum and that impala! I like that Dean would justify that book because they now have coffee tables! Awesome! good that Sam insisted they replace it, thanks for continuing this fun series of mini-fics
7/9 c10 4Timelady66
Crowley: This friend of yours who writes these little gems, do you think she does maryjane or shrooms?
B: Neither. She's just really creative. Besides, you love her work.
Crowley: True. At least this one wasn't so...um...well...
B: Traumatizing? I know how easily upset you get.
Crowley: No! I like action in my literature!
B: Sure you do. As long as it's not Sam Winchester getting hurt.
Crowley: At least she didn't turn HIM into a llama.
7/9 c10 15printandpolish
This is great! I would argue that Sam is more than occasionally awesome.
7/9 c10 Jenjoremy
Oh, Cas! Having the Llama actually be the witch they were seeking was a stroke of genius! I am dying to know the sentence that inspired this bit of fun!
7/9 c10 32immertreu
So is Sam taller than a llama? Just thinking out loud...

Thank you for this lighthearted chapter, I really needed this today.
7/9 c10 1muffinroo
Such fun with llama drama (sorry couldn’t resist)! Cute story!
6/16 c1 24GuidingHand
LOL! After my nephew had his wisdom teeth removed he said waffles are just pancakes with abs!
6/12 c9 Chiiiva
What a hilarious chapterlove the movie that rolled in my head
6/10 c9 Kathy
loved this! I totally agree with Bobby, no need to hunt Sasquatches, but so nice that Bobby knew something was up with Rufus and went to keep him company, and now we understand why Rufus took the brownies, loved Bobby's description of hippiest hippies ever, haha and the bigfoot was being 'judgey', nice of him to join them, and cover them up and built up the fire, and no, they would never talk about that 'hunt' again. I had to look up the duffies candy, I do like the british pomfrey cakes/pontefract licorice candy, and some of the salted dutch licorice but don't think I'd like those double salted ones!
thanks for another wonderful ficlet, so hope you have many more of those plot bunnies growing.
Happy birthday and thank you for your gift to us on your special day, have a good one and all the best
thank you Janice for being such a great and fast beta so we got to read this today,
Cheers all
6/10 c9 18frankannestein
A little bit … judgy! *dies* Hahahahaha!

Bobby and Rufus, crusty and cranketty since the beginning of freaking time. I love so much that I could hear those actors delivering every line, that was so great! It also makes me very happy how sneakily the point in time was delivered, so natural that I didn’t get jarred. Nicely done-

Oh and happy birthday! I love birthdays, they are such a wonderful excuse to celebrate people. Hope yours has been lovely. -

6/10 c9 15printandpolish
Happy birthday! This is awesome!
6/10 c9 4Timelady66

The double-salt is too much for me, but I like the strong, and the 'chain's licorice is awesome.

Totally hysterical! And happy birthday!
6/10 c9 Jenjoremy
Happy Birthday! Thank you for treating US on YOUR birthday. I just about peed my pants laughing over this one. I love Rufus and Bobby so much! Glad they warranted their own chapter.
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