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for I Got You a Present

4/29 c1 6MissusH
I looooove this. Vulnerable Alice is my favorite.
4/25 c1 pumpkinspicelove
I think you capture their personalities well-Alice's awkwardness and Jean's kindness. Enjoyed this very much!
4/24 c1 Texasfan
Lovely story.
4/23 c1 154NancyMay
I love these two together, I always feel Jean takes Alice under her wing.
4/22 c1 25FadedPromise
Just lovely. I’ve always believed that one of the things that drew Jean and Lucien to each other was that they are both so kind. And Alice is a person who hasn’t known a lot of kindness, which is one of things that drew her to Matthew. Thank you for sharing this.

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