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for Quintessential Quintuples and Unsatisfactory Uzumaki

15h c2 1DarkNightmare08
por favor siguela actualizando no nos dejes con la tension y una pregunta.
¿Kasumi influira en la historia o que?
6/17 c2 TheMist33
Good chapter can’t wait for the next
6/9 c2 Guest
I liked your story, but to add drama to your story, what happened to Kushina is the most idiotic I've ever seen anyone write. don't be so stupid
6/10 c2 taiwoeretan1
Can't wait for the next chapter.
6/10 c2 6super sayiman
I am really enjoying this story.
I love the way Naruto is interacting with the sisters.
Wonder how there relationship will develop now that they know Naruto has lost family members like they did.
Keep up the great work.
6/10 c2 Dasgun
6/9 c2 Guest
Love the story disturbed that Kushina was raped
6/9 c2 1NaruLemon Stories
Great chapter
Please also update Curse of the spirit of blood and Watching curse of the spirit of blood
6/9 c2 volcasiron30
great chapter as always Sage Of Prophecy I cannot wait for the next updated chapter of this story. what do you think about doing that two Naruto X Digimon reading version of Humon with the pairing of Naruto X Mimi X Kari and Hybrid Tamer with the pairing of Naruto X Rika X Renamon fanfiction written by Curious Kitsune 654 and also can you do another Naruto crossover fanfiction with Attacks On Titans with the pairing of Naruto X Sasha Braus the idea I told you about its like the Naruto X My Hero Academia fanfiction story you wrote in your other fanfic but with Naruto X Sasha Braus please let me know through the comments or author note attached to the bottom or top of the next chapter of anyone of your updated story what you think!
6/7 c1 suryamgangwal63
Any news on the next update
5/22 c1 Mekhan
continueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee itt! thx;)
5/5 c1 CookingRice
Hey, thanks for the chapter.
Maybe its because I was skimming through, but I felt the descriptions and dialogue could use some more work. I've noticed some redundancies is descriptions like "she was well endowed, and had big breasts" or something similar which is a repeated unnecessary description.
Also, I felt that there are some holes in the story. The most glaring one in my opinion is that Nino is so indifferent to Naruto. Nino likes bad boys, so seeing Naruto with his delinquent rumors and looks, I would have thought that her reception of him would be more pleasant instead of dead similar to original storyline. Keep up the good work.
4/27 c1 TheMist33
It was a good chapter, but you have to fix the names cause you mix them up or put a completely different persons name where someone else’s should be. Maybe you should diverge a bit from the original story, and also Itsuki’s thoughts and actions completely don’t match, like one time she said she’s gonna give him a chance, then the next day she’s running away from him and being mean to him. Overall tho good chapter, Can’t wait for the next chapter
4/26 c1 NaOsS625
super premier chapitre hâte que tu le mette à jour car je cherche une histoire de Naruto et the Quintuples Quintessentiels bien écrit depuis longtemps et je sais que tu as dis que tu ne ferais pas de harem mais j'espère quand même qu'il y en aura un car ça me ferais trop mal au cœur que Naruto rejette les autres sœurs
4/23 c1 1Redflame7
I'm not fond of crossover but this one caught my interest.I liked how it started and the fact that you substitued Fuutarou with Naruto. In this way I don't have to see Fuutarou being treated like garbage like I saw in other fics. Btw, I noticed some grammar mistakes while reading, so I suggest you to double check the writing before posting a chapter. Sorry if I look annoying, I'm a little strict about grammar.
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