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10h c6 Kai Alard
Always wanted to see a crossover of these two worlds. Longing forward to seeing more of this story. Keep up the good work!
6/16 c6 Jostanos
omake: An ethereal voice could then be heard in the glade saying "Art thou satisfied now, King of Riva and Companions? If not be forewarned! This Childe, this wanderer is a Warrior whos blade is far deadlier than any that you have faced before! To be even scratched even once may mean almost instant death if not healed right away, but the chances of finding a Basilisk antivenom here is very slim."

Harry rolls his eyes and looks up into the tree "Cut it out you omake hog!"
"Oh come on, Harry, I'm rarely in other peoples omake any more except for SciFiFan's." wines the voice.
"Matsuo Sylt Shun.. That is enough! Either get your mauve haired tween self out of the tree and into view now, or leave!"
A Mauve haired tween lad "hero lands" a few feet away from Harry and sulks in his normal voice "Spoil sport."
6/15 c6 justareader21
David Eddings, that brings back memories. Great work. Kept it true to fact material. A little quick on the romance but not over the top.
6/15 c6 Laurentius Williame
Thanks for another chapter.
6/5 c5 Jostanos
"Pains shared may be pains relieved." ~ Unknown

Why do I have the feeling that Luna, wherever/whenever she is, is smiling at the vision of what is going on in this chapter and sing songs "Told you so."
6/3 c5 Laurentius Williame
Thanks for a new chapter. This crossover is almost never done but it's one of my favorites. I'm really looking forward to what you have planned.
5/26 c1 lokarryn
Lovely start, you have captured the essence of Edding's world and I love that you use the Necessity
5/24 c4 Jostanos
'Twas Necessity that brought you to these lands, Harry Potter-Black, for what purpose even I do not know.
5/24 c4 Rio47
Wow that was good.
5/23 c4 Laurentius Williame
Thank you for another chapter.
5/14 c3 plumbknot57
Great begining love David Eddings work hope you continue it
5/13 c3 Jostanos
Holy shards!

Umm... *rubs the back of his head sheepishly* Enough said?
5/12 c3 Laurentius Williame
Another good chapter. Thanks. I'm looking forward to more.
5/11 c3 Rio47
Loved the chapter mate.
5/3 c2 Jostanos
This one wonders if one has forgotten the wolf/one named "Poledra"?
Polgara is her daughter, but not her.

Two wolves there are in the Vale of Aldur, But there is only one owl.. that I can recall anyway.
What was Durnik's form again? A Bear?

*sighs* I have to read the series again.
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