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for Another Life

11/11 c15 rookie802
Good chapter.
10/25 c34 HellOnWheelz
This was great. Really unique take on the ol' time-travel cliché. I also loved the ending.
10/25 c30 HellOnWheelz
Serious and Reg both grew up at 12 Grimmauld Place; that's why Serius was miserable hiding there (and that he wasn't in on the action). I stopped reading when u mentioned Black Manor so I could comment this, so maybe there's an explanation for it and I'm being a pest for no reason. Black Manor or Grimmauld Place, this is still a great story.
8/2 c8 Israel06
Me encanta el capitulo
5/25 c18 AssassinSorcerer
More chapter please. Reading the fic for the tenth time
4/30 c34 BRICKDUST
Amazing story.. thanks
1/28 c1 Crypt
This interaction with Dumbledore doesn’t read right - I think you need to re-write this bit…
1/22 c34 Jamalymal
An enjoyable read. An ending I was content with and can't complain about.
1/10 c24 Anathaem
I'm sad there's no more harry/lily moments now.. Hope to see more in the next chapters.

Anyway, awesome fic that I randomly found looking for something to read. Really glad I found it.

Thanks for it
1/4 c6 JemeryT
I don’t agree with the marauder characterization. Sirius was the one to endanger Snape, not James. It should have taken more than Harry to make James lose his mind
12/31/2021 c1 Dayside
I never really understood the fixation on family. Maybe I'm too apathetic but if I saw my mother who has literally been dead for as long as I can remember I wouldn't really give a shit. Maybe some curiosity but that's it.
12/25/2021 c1 7era-romance
haven't 43ad it but...oedipus complex much lol
12/15/2021 c34 jimmy.oz
Not sure how i feel about some of the things that happen but overall the story was pretty good and glad to have read it.
12/13/2021 c34 Ddraig3652
This was an excellent read and I enjoyed very much. I hope you make another lilyxharry story in the future. They don't have many stories regrettably.
12/13/2021 c4 22Clavyus
What about Severus? Nice story, otherwise.
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