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for Training Initiates: SYOC

6/15 c1 49CalvinHobbesGatsby
Any news on when the story will start
6/4 c2 Guest
p.s I'm really excited for this fic and support this idea!
- Bri

Good luck and stay safe!
6/4 c1 Guest
Name: Ace Arlin
Gender: male
Birthday: June 2
Faction of Origin:dauntless
Aptitude test results: dauntless
Height: 6 ft 3 in
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair color: naturally black, tips dyed silver
eye color: dark green
Sexuality: bisexual
Fighting: 9
Guns: 8
Knives: 4
Simulations: 8
Family: Leilah, 22, older sister, dauntless. Abraham, grandfather, dauntless. Suzie, grandmother, dauntless.
Backstory: His parents died when he was ten, pushed out of a train by the factionless. He was there when it happened and struggles with traumatic memories of the experience. He moved in with his grandparents. This was the year of his sister's initiation. As much as he's recovered, he gets horrible nightmares and often stays with his sister at night, causing him to be mocked by some of the other dauntless who call him weak. This only motivates him to train harder and he spends most of his spare time training for initiation. He disapproves of bullying and is willing to defend those who can't defend themselves, just as the dauntless manifesto says. He has never let other people's bullying change him. He acts confident because he's confident in his actions. His grandparents are getting older and he's well aware that they plan to jump into the chasm after his initiation. His current goal is to get through initiation, maybe land in the top 5 if he can. After all, his sister was 2nd in her initiation.
Fears: being a failure, disappointing his sister, killing his family, being helpless, being electrocuted, becoming factionless, falling.
Likes: training, his sister, dauntless, ziplining, paintball, risky activities, chocolate cake, Serafina (as friends)
Dislikes:being mocked, stuck up people, bullies
Medical: has anxiety and severe panic attacks. He struggles with flashbacks and nightmares.
Accessories: he has a tattoo on his back of two hands reaching out to grab another hand, and the names of his parents and sister; Amalie Arlin, Jordan Arlin, and Leilah Arlin, tattooed on his left shoulder.


p.s. I know its pm but you needed male dauntless borns? And i wanted to help? you don't have to accept of course. Bu here ya go just in case. 2 is the max submissions from one person, right?
6/3 c2 ThePi21
So excited for this! I will gladly whip up some characters for your consideration.
6/3 c2 Meepster202
Heya! I had an idea for a divergent male character, could I maybe sub to you on FictionPress? meepster202.
5/7 c1 Guest
Name: Serafina Kyro
Gender: Female
Birthday: december 23
faction of Origin: Erudite
Aptitude test result: erudite (she chose dauntless because her brothers were there and she needed to get away)
height: 4 foot, 11 inches
weight 74 lbs
hair color: black
eye color: electric blue
ethnicity: asian
sexuality: bisexual
fighting: 8
guns: 6
knives: 9
Family: Blyke, brother, 24, transferred to dauntless. Avery, mother, Jeanine Mattew's helper. Kieran, brother, 20, transferred to dauntless. Johnathan, father.
Backstory: As a child, she was super close with her brothers, who both wanted to go to Dauntless. This influenced her a lot, and despite the fact that she was super smart, she too wanted to be dauntless. When she was eight, their house burned down and she nearly died in the fire. This resulted in them moving closer to the erudite compound. When Blyke transferred she started training herself in hand to hand combat. When Kieran transferred she was lonely and used her free time to train even more. When she was thirteen, her mother volunteered her to be the test subject for new serums. because of this, she hates her mother and needles. Since her brothers placed relatively high in initiation (2 and 4), she is determined to do well.
Fears: needles, fire, losing control, having to kill her family, small spaces, her brothers forgetting her
Likes: tattoos, dying hair, pranking people, singing, drawing, fighting, sarcasm
dislikes: being lied to, failing, feeling like a failure, arrogant boys who act bossy...
Medical: she has scars along her neck and back from fire as well as many scars o her neck from repeatedly being stabbed by needles. She had ADHD and depression.
Accessories: prefers low cut clothing and likes to 'show off' despite being slightly insecure.

I know you wanted PMs but im a guest so I can't. This is the best I can do and I will not be srprised if you don't accept. I don't have an account yet. Sorry. Have a great day!

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