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for The Blood Runs Deeper

10/31/2021 c4 50CalvinHobbesGatsby
I am really loving this story so far. I can’t wait to see what happens next
8/11/2021 c27 7Musicwriter158
We’re still here and slowly coming back! Thank you for this awesome story! I enjoyed it and seeing Johanna develop as a character. Love that final connection with Lucy in the last chapter and how Sweeney was able to help. Great job!
7/13/2021 c22 Musicwriter158
The family talk was cute and I love how realistic and in character everyone is! You would expect Johanna to have a little bit of trauma from Turpin, loved the dream with him eating the birds! Also, her and Sweeney’s emotional development is realistic. He’s not an affectionate man and she would likely be wary of father figures due to her upbringing. You’ve nailed Anthony, Lovett, and Toby too! Can’t wait to read more!
6/23/2021 c16 Musicwriter158
Hope Johanna is okay! Glad you updated and I’m so excited to see where this goes!
6/9/2021 c14 Musicwriter158
I love this chapter! The beggar is getting closer…yay! Love that Anthony and Johanna patched things up, and I hope her stalker goes away. Also, really hoping for a healthy delivery for Johanna. Can’t wait to see where this ends up! I love your work in general, the way you describe things and set the creepy tone for the story even if things are happier than canon.
5/31/2021 c10 Musicwriter158
"You're never nothing."
D'aww! So sweet. Yay for more mother/daughter contact and for this story having some happiness in it. Keep going!
5/24/2021 c8 Musicwriter158
Loved this chapter! Lucy is my favorite character since she’s arguably the most tragic but most innocent, so yay that she’s still alive! Please let Johanna keep her baby! Also, the moment with Sweeney at the end was precious and touching, considering their rocky relationship up until this point. Let there be a Barker family reunion, please. And I hope Johanna and Anthony make it to France!
5/6/2021 c3 Musicwriter158
I love your work! Thank you so much for helping breathe life into this dead fandom! Loved the Kiss Me reference! Please keep going!

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