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for Harry Potter and the Velvet Room

4/27 c1 James Birdsong
Good story in my opinion. Cool
4/29 c2 5mad thought
It'll be interesting which arcana everyone is and what direction you'll take the persona users will go. P4 was more of a detective story, and P5 had them as thieves, so can't wait. Will there be non-magicals in the group too since the overall threats in Persona games are world ending/god tier levels.
4/26 c1 Matt
Don’t know most of the Persona groups are teens, while Harry and most of his friends are kids.
4/26 c1 2carlsbad1315
This looks like it's gonna be good
4/26 c1 3Klyju
So far, I am very excited with this first chapter! I hope to see this story grow in popularity. Good luck writing!

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