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for Dear Wizarding Britain

11/29 c30 wandamarie
thank you for the story so far
11/26 c30 Guest
Love your stories
11/26 c12 Tammy
I'm sorry if this is something you address in a later chapter but I'm curious about the content of the letter Harry had published in the Prophet.
11/28 c30 GreedElff
Great Chapter! Lovin the story thank you for sharing with all of us. Looking forward to reading the next one.
11/24 c30 DaV1nc136
You did this chapter and brought those ideas into the fold better than I hoped!
Can’t wait to see how Kingsley and his task force utilize them to take the Limp Dick and his army of Cock Suckers!
Please pardon my language.
Couldn’t let that go unsaid, given how much I hate guys like him.
So, looking forward to Kingsley’s rescue operation and how the Muggleborn victims deal with them being rescued by not-Harry.
Good luck and take your time!
Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!
11/23 c3 Cipher301
Genuinely what the fuck is this shit
11/23 c2 Cipher301
Tbh this isnt even a story at this point. There’s nothing of substance here. Everything here has been done thousands of times over and over again. This is just a sob story power fantasy with no basis in reality.
11/23 c1 Cipher301
I mean, this is incredibly tropey, too much to be believable. Its as if you threw every known haphne and light side bashing trope and plot device you could find into a single chapter without putting a single thought into anything realistic or even just somewhat original. I’ll continue reading purely out of boredom, and because you seemed to be a little self aware on the lack of originality, so maybe itll improve later on.
11/22 c28 2PotterverseFan18MaizyGreenberg
I love the story. I hope you update a couple more chapters and finish this story off.
11/22 c30 wandamarie
thank you
11/22 c30 Keepddreamalive
Many thanks for the update. Good luck with that kitten!
11/21 c30 28Kairan1979
Thanks for the chapter.
Looking forward to see the new inventions tested.
11/21 c30 phoenix-rob
thank you
11/20 c30 Romedov
I am so loving this! And please take as long a break as you need. There is no need to burn yourself out.
11/20 c30 3Charlee56
What a concept; worthy of GL, Batman and Green Arrow as well!
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