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for The Case of the No-More Goodnight

6/19 c1 VIB39
You write Perry/Della so believable. I could feel the "weariness" in them, extending to Perry's weary expectation that he would hear Della's usual answer to the "marry me?" question. Her surprising "yes" response and his quick reaction was a lot of fun and had me smiling all day.
6/16 c1 GinnyB
This is just so sweet. I can actually feel how tired they both are, working late, nothing new, they've done it many times. He just doesn't want to have to say good night to her any more; so he asks her once again to marry him. When she doesn't answer right away he expects the rejection he has always received; but this time he gets the surprise of his life - a "yes" response. I absolutely love that he gets all flustered and has to give her something so settles on his pinky ring, then makes a call to Paul, and a friendly judge, and a trip to the courthouse - before she can change her mind. This whole scene just fits them.
5/16 c1 Guest
I keep reading and re- reading this magnificent brief story which addresses the marriage question that caused so many years of angst between Perry and Della. This time I was struck with how thankful I was that Perry never stopped asking her to marry him in spite of her objections and rejection. (His persistence was beyond amazing). You captured perfectly his surprise when she finally said "yes" unexpectedly; and his overjoyment spurring him into immediate action with the judge, and including Paul, Burger and Tragg - gives the reader an opportunity to join Perry in a big sigh of relief. So happy for them, and for us ;-)
5/8 c1 3GirlCalledIronside
Loved this. So close to the book version of the characters. Well written
4/30 c1 Guest
this is great happy story.
4/28 c1 A Carwile
This was so good, so real, so Perry and Della. They worked so well together they did they didn't want to be separated.
Several fans have said this is great writing. One said that the mores of the day would gave favored their lawyer marrying the secretary than the alternative. I agree with them.
4/27 c1 Adlig de Somel
Nice little story! Thank you!
4/27 c1 A Carwile
This was well written. This was book Perry & Della. So in sync, driven. Driven together. Totally satisfying.
4/27 c1 Guest
Beautiful! This is the best version of a Perry proposal & a Della acceptance that I have ever read! Simple but real. My reason for getting married was the same-I wanted just to be with him all the time. Thank you for writing!
4/27 c1 Guest
Absolutely amazing. Wonderful, wonderful!
4/27 c1 Guest
Oh beautiful chapter! Thanks for sharing.
4/27 c1 Guest
Love this sweet story have never read one that matches this tone:) please continue
4/27 c1 Guest
Finally. After years of rationalization, excuses, manufactured complications, and sometimes just stubborn refusal to honestly confront the idea and reality of the changes in life - Della accepts. I love the juxtaposition you have created between the simple and complex - in life, and in Perry and Della's relationship. So many parallels- The "mundanity" of a late night work setting over/against seemingly interminable, complicated relationship issues; the stubbornness of each of them - Della's refusals and Perry's persistence; years-long angst between them over the marriage issue vs the simple joy of never having to say "goodnight" again.
Well done! As much as I would like to have had more detail, you succeeded (in my opinion) in being profound with your simplicity. Again, well done!
4/27 c1 Skysea
Cute story! Write more!
4/27 c1 A Carwile
This is such an honest, well written story. It fits with the book Perry and Della. It just fits. I can't thank you enough.
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