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for Sins of the Past, Hope for the Future (Last Chapter rewrite)

6/5 c1 fahri.uchiha
damn i'm crying
4/29 c1 6Rankin de Merthyr
I love EreHisu because they didn't start with the typical boy-meets-girl or damsel in distress. Instead, they went through each other's problems and ended up relying on one another.
4/27 c1 Guest
I’m glad I found this fic. Your characterization and the story are much more faithful than the canon 139. Thank you and bless you.
4/28 c1 YourDad2005
I see. All of this effort, only for your ship and headcanon. I didn't like 139 but I'm so glad we did not get the shitshow that is AnR
4/28 c1 1thomquiri
thanks for that alternative ending, I really need them after chapter 139...
btw I didn't even find one single fanfiction worse than the canon chapter 139... but your fanfiction is (one of)the best :)
4/27 c1 6Rankin de Merthyr
Hmm... This makes me think... Could it be possible for Eren to willfully change his face? Like, transform himself into the farmer? And with the lost of the titan powers, his face would have been stuck like that and none but he and Historia would know.
4/27 c1 Herr Jager
Yep, Mikasa's death hit the right spot in my feels, legit made me shed a tear for her and Levi.

Can't believe SnK ended with 139, what a fucking joke lol, this rewrite made so much more sense, fuck it even used WHT theory and Reiner's transferring consciousness cheat.
That alone makes it far better than the shitshow that is 139, of all the endings that could have happened, then one we got was the worst one possible.
I'd take any peace ending where Eren keeps his character intact even if he dies over this garbage. Eren being an incel over Mikasa leaving him)fucking kek), the entire pregnancy subplot wasted, Historia's character reduced to a goddamn
facist leader and Ymir being in love with King Fritz who's now called Karl like okay. 11 years or whatever for this shit, unbelievable.
4/27 c1 yeamiya
I like it. Please update it if you can
4/27 c1 Crescent cut 101
Dude where is the link i cant click it maybe you forgot it?

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