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5/5 c1 2Bluecat10
Really love your writing.
Great story. Heartbreaking
5/3 c1 Amaure
These are the type of stories I love to read. I hope I can see your work in NovelStar. There are also a lot of talented writers in that platform. You may check their group on Facebook.
4/28 c1 Retrdtchr
Beautifully written. The end did, indeed, bring tears. In spite of the sadness, the love and caring exhibited by all makes this a story of hope. Thank you.
4/28 c1 Sonia Hdz Q
I really thank you that you didn't kill any MM, because I was crying like a baby all the story.
4/28 c1 3Vulcan Rider
Heartbreaking. And yet, every time I'm on the road, there is someone swerving around in the lane and obviously trying to text or read a text. I've gotten to where my phone STAYS in my purse while I"m on the road and everyone knows that if I'm driving, they'll just have to wait. I can't multitask like i used to, and trying to do it while driving is like trying to find a CD on the floor of the passenger side...deadly. Any distraction that takes your attention from the road should be ignored, and getting somewhere just a few seconds or minutes earlier isn't worth dying or having to live with the knowledge that you killed another person while doing it.
Great piece.
Maggie M.
4/28 c1 Barb4psu
Awwww. Still crying
4/28 c1 JB
Too sad. Too real. You never know. Thanks for sharing, appreciate your words. JB.
4/27 c1 Guest
4/28 c1 2alix33
I only drove (very nervously and thus atriciously because learning to drive a,stick shift car was the second most difficult thing I have ever done) for a couple of years in the 2000s and 2010s but what happened to Ram's cousin is the reason I never ever passed a car anywhere in that time.
I am SO sorry for your loss, Dayton and Ram.
I probably radiate a low thrum of loss and the zap of rage, like Ram does, ever since I was told on 18 August last year that I am getting laid off on 31 October last year.
4/27 c1 Ybanormlmom
That was so well written and filled with emotion. Well done.
4/27 c1 5fallingyuki
Super tearjerker. I was in tears.
4/27 c1 2trhodes9
Aww. Poor kids, and poor rangeman! I know the rangeman family will take care of Ram's family - and make them all rangeman family too.
4/27 c1 Bonnie
oy. stories like that stink.
so many killed like that. always something.

I hope the girl can gather strength from Ram and Ram can gain strength from his Rangeman family.
4/27 c1 Margaret
Wiping my tears away as I type this.
And also a great reminder of consequences of life.
Knocked it out of the park...again.
4/27 c1 1jules3677
Very good reminder that speed kills. It leaves a lot of grieving family and friends mourning their loss.
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