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for GrimmFall: Beyond Light

7/25/2021 c8
Thanks for what this story take place. And Eramis her two top warriors. Keep up with the good work.
7/10/2021 c7 108Lord Maximus
7/9/2021 c7 nightmaster000
Wonderful chapter with a great blood pumping fight that brings down a enemy. :)
7/9/2021 c7
Nice with one high rank enemy down, keep up with the good work.
7/9/2021 c7 14D.N.Works
Hm. It seems things are going well...for now.
7/9/2021 c7 2merendinoemiliano
Cool atmosphere
wow, did not expect to see other versions and one where they defeated Crom after he ruled Earth for some years, but also that the Clovis we knew was really a CLONE?! Wonder if Gelorum finds out or discovered something off about his DNA after extracting his mind. but this is just getting interesting.
6/29/2021 c6 108Lord Maximus
6/29/2021 c6 2merendinoemiliano
Cool battle
6/28/2021 c6 nightmaster000
Woah I am indeed both shocked and intrigued! Seriously thought love the whole angle you went with the alternate future timelined Elsie, and it's really interesting to hear how things played out in her timeline with Crom Cruach's victory and later him being slain but it being a bittersweet victory.

Also really interesting to see that even after the time crisis from while ago GrimmFall hasn't seen the end of time travel or at least time travelers. This makes two confirmed people in Kiva and future Elsie who are in the present and both from different alternate timelines.

Paradox's little visit preventing Billiam getting assassinated was quite a interesting touch too.

But anyway question is raised how much Elsie can be trusted family bond or not? Speaking of family man you really throw a heck of shocker with the truth of the Bray family history from the first Clovis Bray Ana's grandfather obsession with immortality causing the death of his son and how Ana's own father is a actually a clone of the original Clovis Bray the 2nd.

Or was Ana already born when the original Clovis Bray II died and was replaced by a clone?

Anyway either way can't help but feel more sympathy for Clovis as it turns out he was nothing more than a pawn from the very beginning, even more so than he saw the YoRHa's. Which is made all the mroe tragic with his current fate/status as a racing drone too.

But really this highlights how far the the Gray Agency is willing to go or sink for their goals once again.

Hmm though this revelation about Ana's grandfather does make me think about his Will and wish pertaining the YoRHa android, and wonder if there was a darker side or secret there for that wish there rather than noble sentiment.

After all if the guy had no problem using his son as lab experiment and coldly replacing him with a clone in his quest for eternal life, hard to picture him genuine caring for the YoRHa and desiring their freedom.
6/28/2021 c6 14D.N.Works
Now this just gets more and more interesting as we see more insight from the alternate Elsie. Though now I'm confused, does her timeline still exist or not?

Either way, even with Crom dead problems still crop up.
6/28/2021 c6
Alternate futures man that was crazy anyway keep up with the good work.
Liking this chapter about the Light as a source of energy like in Destiny, curious to wonder how it will affect those who have semblance depend on the species but fun chapter!
6/22/2021 c5 nightmaster000
A wonderful chapter with one heck of a cliff hanger as well as unpleasant shocker for Ana finding her sister here of all places.

A very interesting twist and one eager to here what the story behind, considering Elsie should be at the Asylum. Hmm though this might not be the real Elsie a imposter or illusion of some kind perhaps? I look forward to finding out.
6/22/2021 c4 nightmaster000
Excellent chapter. :)
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