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for GrimmFall: Beyond Light

6/22/2021 c5 108Lord Maximus
Nice work. Looking forward to what happens next.
6/21/2021 c5 2merendinoemiliano
Cool fight
6/21/2021 c5 14D.N.Works
So it led to Van Kleiss again. Man that guy just causes problems.
6/21/2021 c5
Great chapter and the Pyramid that supposed to be in Destiny universe that they here in different universe. Keep up with the good work.
Awesome chapter, really enjoyed it
6/11/2021 c4 2merendinoemiliano
Nice, curious to see their fights
6/10/2021 c4
Nice job with the chapter. Keep up with the good work.
6/2/2021 c3 nightmaster000
Fantastic chapter with the shocking reveal of the artifact being none other than a Spiral Gem, or supposeidly a Spiral Gem unless it's another false trail like that replica Gem of Destruction, or if it hasn't already been taken by another party.

Either way if there's even a chance it could be the real deal they have to go for it, or risk it finding it's way into the wrong hands.

I'm quite eager to see how this plays out. :) Not to mention quite curious to see how it's guarded and what "keys" might be needed to get to it.

Also can't help but get the feeling that the whole subject about Cayde secretly being a alien might be something the others will want to talk to him about when they don't have to worry about the current threat.
5/27/2021 c3 108Lord Maximus
And so the race is on.
5/27/2021 c3 2merendinoemiliano
Very good introspection
Nice history about the characters and liked Cayde’s origin, especially of them mention the Destiny Version of the Eliksni, if they heard what they’re commonly known, they’d be surprise. Cayde might find out he’s not the only one who came to Earth for a reason

But does seem to clear up some answers of the sudden advance tech in the 21st century, and wonder if there’s a counterpart of the Traveller here as well? But be interesting to find out. Least Elemis isn’t using semblance that should be the least of their concern. But hopefully she isn’t mad enough to summon the Vex in this reality
5/26/2021 c3
I mean Spiral Gem of Creation keep up with the good work.
5/26/2021 c3
Good Files. Not only good villain speech, but learn Spiral Gem of Cream is in Europa. Keep up with the good work.
5/21/2021 c2 nightmaster000
Wonderful chapter I admit I might be unfamiliar with these particular media sources part of the GrimmFall-verse, but once again your showing/proving with your writing that it doesn't stop someone from enjoying the story. :)

It's always interesting to see new player arrive to the game table and make their gambit, the latest arrival being these Eliksni who's species have been mentioned here and there in GrimmFall but think this is their first physical debut.

Though it seems not all among them agree with what their doing and seeking, and further questions are just raised at what this mentioned artifact is and the story behind it. I certainly look forward to finding out, along with learning Cayde's story and his own secrets he's apparently been keeping.
“ Whether they be war criminals from other races in the universe or Eliksni that are too dangerous to dock or to be executed” would make a little sense but interesting lore and how different from the main Destiny timeline

Looking into the game online now to k about the character Variks and getting more interesting, so curious how they have played a role in the future against the Glorft as I have some ideas in mind.

So about cayde, said he came to earth to learn about aura and semblance and knows more about the Eliksni, could he have been from a secret stellar outpost or a descendant of the ancient humans abducted by the Gems during the great war such as the Gaia Union? No doubt Kiva be famil with many Eliksni. Really interesting how you incorporated Destiny in modern times and interested how they will play the role of the Cluster if it happens. Or if Cayde or someone has heard of the Accelerons or the Racing Drones ?
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