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5/30 c16 1Connie Brown
Awe. Nice first fic. I’m excited to read your next.
5/30 c15 Connie Brown
Look at Jace fixing everything. ️
5/30 c14 Connie Brown
Sebastian sure is an understanding ex. I don’t think I would be able to be as forgiving in his position. I am excited to read more.
5/30 c13 Connie Brown
I just knew Sebastian was going to show up and try to surprise Clary, but everything else was a complete surprise. I feel like it’s kind of unfair of Clary not to let Jace even talk, but we’ll see what happens. Poor Jon. At least Jace didn’t know Clary was related to the company. It’s not like he was dating her to use her. Unlike Sealie.
5/30 c12 Connie Brown
They are so cute. It’s kind of realistic because it’s usually the people that don’t do relationships that fall the fastest when the person is right.
5/30 c11 Connie Brown
5/30 c10 Connie Brown
It’s refreshing to see a version of Clary and Jace so open and honest with each other. You almost never find that.
5/30 c9 Connie Brown
Silly people. They should have moved it to the bedroom before Izzy got home. That’s their own fault.
5/30 c8 Connie Brown
They are so cute!
5/30 c7 Connie Brown
They need to exchange numbers so they know where to find each other this time.
5/30 c6 Connie Brown
Four years! That’s a long time to pine after someone. I guess when it’s true love though. My husband waited thirteen years for me to forgive him. I may make our story into a fanfic someday. Although I’ve already used pieces of it elsewhere. I’m so excited for Clary and Jace to finally see each other outside the club!
5/30 c5 Connie Brown
5/30 c4 Connie Brown
Poor Sebastian. (Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say.)
5/30 c3 Connie Brown
Good thing you threw that out there. Otherwise we’d all be waiting for the other shoe to drop.
5/30 c2 Connie Brown
I just realized this is a fairly new story. So totally not the one I was thinking of. Yay! I love it when I find a new Clace story. ️
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