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for Fire and Blood in Remnant

8/16 c17 1old666
Love the new opening. Can’t wait to see how vol. 2 begins.
8/16 c17 61Perseus12
Cool~! *Thumbs UP!*
8/15 c1 Draconic123
Great story. You're doing an amazing job, keep up the great work.
8/9 c16 Perseus12
Good chapter as always.
7/27 c14 1Jctherebel
Awesome chapter
7/20 c13 Jctherebel
Cool chapter
7/15 c12 1old666
Loved the fight scene between ruby and draegon. Especially since it showed him using his semblance and how he activates its effect
7/13 c12 1Jctherebel
Cool chapter
7/6 c11 Jctherebel
Pretty cool story, I’ve noticed spelling errors here and there but it was negligible, story was a very fun read
7/6 c11 1old666
I say yes to draegon telling rwby and jnpr the stories of the Targaryen dynasty. Many of the kings and queens who ruled would be good examples to jaune and ruby of what leaders they should emulate and what they should avoid.
6/12 c7 old666
Again, another great chapter and for names I say the silver one should be meraxes, the bronze be vhagar, and the red egg, balerion. This way it would be a very good statement to remnant that the fires that gave aegon his throne are reborn once more to show what fire and blood truly means. It would also give the ones who become there riders a good bit of history about their name sake and their riders.
6/2 c6 old666
Great chapter. Love how he went for the flare of flying to beacon the Targaryen way. Can’t wait to see more soon. In my opinion, regarding the hatchlings, I feel that they should hatch at the end of season one. This will give those they hatch for time to learn from draegon to teach them and hopefully keep them from turning into a flambé.
5/26 c5 61Perseus12
Wowsers, that was cool! *Thumbs UP!*
5/22 c4 12RyuJudge6614
I read the new chapter. Definitely some deep stuff in there. I liked the one moment with Jon Snow. Also the two blades, will they have any kind of special abilities or upgrades later on? All-in-all, good chapter. Looking forward to the next one.
5/12 c3 1old666
Great chapter! Don’t wait for more
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