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for A Super Sweet Hero

8/6 c3 19Eternos137
AWESOME! I can't wait to see what pops out next!
4/2 c9 Skull Berry
Loving the story! Cant wait for Squid Ink Cookie and Twizzly Gum Cookie to make an appearance, they are my favorites!
3/20 c1 6ArgonautStrike
I absolutely loved this first chapter. The descriptions and even the puns all brought a smile to my face. I've never heard of Cookie Run but this was fantastic. Definitely worth the read if you're on the fence about this. Can't wait to read more.
2/9 c9 2LonelySquire1
I just wanna say how much I LOVE this story. I always wanted Midoriya to have the ability to summon the cookies from the Cookie Run franchise ever since I played CRK.

I would like to see Midoriya here with OFA because I actually have an idea on it. Have the Ancient Heroes from CRK be vestiges due to the combination of his quirk and OFA. And once Midoriya bakes one of the Ancients, that Ancient will no longer be seen within his visions.

If you're reading this PM me. I can give you more ideas if you want.
12/15/2021 c8 4thedarkkitten13
Oh I am enjoying it alright!

The biggest idea I have is what if Izuku ate the main ingredient of one of the cookies he created. Like, if he ate a square of gingerbread cookie what would happen?

Or what if he ate a cherry? Would he be able to produce Cherry Cookie's bombs but with more energy drain?

It is just what I think would be cool. Also, will he be making Squid Ink and the Cookies of the sea (Pirate, Peppermint, Soda, Salt, Captian Ice, Sorbet Shark, and Sea Fairy)? I can understand if Sea Fairy isn't going to be around for some time because she is legendary but what of the others?
12/14/2021 c9 Middernacht
I just want a trailer of izuku in the future with lunch rush asking him for a lot of flour just to make a giant cookie perhaps a one to one replica of all might or All Cookie or just make a giant cookie lol because Izuku saw the old film of Shrek 2.

Not the gumdrop buttons!
12/13/2021 c9 AnimeFan13579
Preview of future fight the showdown of Cinnamon Cookie VS Compress only the greatest magician will claim victory.
12/12/2021 c9 Ben Turner1
Okay why do I get a bad feeling about the cookie that fell into the trash.
10/9/2021 c9 4Toy time terror
Oh useing the other spicy cookies you could make red pepper chilli pepper's responsible flamming kung fu brother mala sauce a spicy hot and stong leader or fire spirit the great flame
9/1/2021 c4 Yggdrasil09
So in a way, he has a baker's version of the stand Bad Company, or something right?
9/1/2021 c9 Kuro Neko9695
I love your story! You know it is sad that his first cookie does not have any power, so why not give him an op power, create accessories of the heroes and while using them have his powers, exampleI love your story! You know it is sad that his first cookie does not have any power, so why not give him an op power, create accessories of the heroes and while using them have his powers, example a crown of all might's hair, the erase head scarf, the endevore mask, etc. but that consume a lot of glucose so you cannot use them often.
8/30/2021 c8 Crazycarlo M. King
Is this Story still alive? If not I'll just remove this from my bookmark, I was really hoping for this story to continue since the story so far is interesting even though I don't know much about the game Cookie Rush.
8/11/2021 c8 Guest
You wanted a Medic? They just added two.
8/4/2021 c8 4thedarkkitten13
I love this story so much! I had thought that I was the only one who thought of making bnha x Cookie Run aus, glad to have you step up as well. I can't wait to see how all of this will play out as the story continues!
7/29/2021 c5 1Plasma Dragon 312
I’d like to let him have OFA so that it’ll supercharge his quirk hopefully making the Cookie kids much more durable and strong enough to be able to not be eaten by normal people on accident! I think Izuku would accept it as well because he’s a true hero through and through. Whether he has a quirk or not.
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