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11/17/2022 c4 Guest
I need to know what will happen next.
11/26/2021 c4 Gracedashes
YES omg Sakuno standing up for herself was so damn SATISFYING to read, thank you. And lmaooo, Ryoma as the princess is gonna be hilarious
11/16/2021 c4 rodalyngie
OMG! Ive been waiting for this for a very long time. This chapter is lit! Ecxited for the next update!
11/15/2021 c4 Guest
Awesome chapter, lots happening here. Looking forward to the next !
11/15/2021 c4 8chumchum94
Even though it was a while, it was worth the wait. Loved this chapter, cant wait for the next one
11/15/2021 c4 7hanshiz
Ohh! The family revelatuon was fun. So excited to see how that will unfold in the story. You're doing great! I love how you've captured Ryoma and Sakuno's relationship!
9/13/2021 c2 Peter Parker7
It was great! More please!
8/15/2021 c3 Guest
Please continue. So glad I found your fics.
5/13/2021 c1 ryochi24
I love this story. I hope you could update more :)
5/10/2021 c3 Meep
I FORGOT TO SAY- Have you seen the Chinese 2019 drama of PoT? There are so many ryosaku moments in there and U GOTTA WATCH IT IF U HAVENT ALREADYYYY
5/10/2021 c3 Meep
Ngl I was hesitant to read this at first seeing the summary & knowing how hurt Sakuno will probably get- which is always painful to read- but I absolutely love what you've done with it. The focus is mostly on Ryoma and Sakuno, and Sak is even growing as a result. I'm so proud of them both :'))) Totally worth staying up till 4 am reading this LMAO. Alsoooo hope you'll update One Touch soon! I wouldn't have normally given this story a chance but since I knew you were the author (and having loved One Touch) I decided to go for it and I HAVE NO REGRETS. GREAT JOB ON BOTH STORIES
5/8/2021 c3 vivania545
Please continueee huwaaaa
5/1/2021 c3 13Caterin Echizen
I'm so so so in love with this story, and this chapter was just amazing my favorite so far haha guess why...

You're doing a great job and I hope to read you very soon!

Have a nice day!
5/1/2021 c3 7hanshiz
Oh, this is so interesting! I love how you've potrayed Ryoma and Sakuno's character and how their dynamic felt easy to read as it seems natural. I'm excited for more! x
4/30/2021 c3 8chumchum94
I really love how you have built this relationship of theirs. It really shows that they both love each other equally as much.
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