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for Once We Were Dragons

12/7 c11 Cheek
oh man i didn't expect this fic to become a Targaryen-wank, Rhaegar-apologist thing. Jeez...
12/5 c17 CaliGirl90288
Jaime finally finds his way! And possibly loses his head. :)
12/3 c17 idontknow
great update as usual
12/3 c16 Guest
"The Brass Bandit" lol... Didn't Euron already win by blowing the dragonhorn? Asha fled after in Maester Wolf...
12/3 c16 Guest
"They were both ambitious and cunning, using their positions as Small Council members to advance their were underestimated due to their low birth and viewed as unsavory but helpful to those in power." - I think there's a line missing here.
Why doesn't Jon already know of Owen's death? Also, shouldn't Tyrion try to find Littlefinger's stashes in Essos?
If only Bealish had done us all a favour and pushed Lysa through the Moon Door before going to Maidenpool and dying. The Vale could then declare for the North and Daemon.
12/2 c13 Guest
How can a bastard be a queen though? If anything, Shireen, Sansa, Margaery and Arianne are better choices for Jon/ Daemon.
And it's funny that Tyrion gets all fatherly about Gerry and hopes to be a part of his life when he hates Tywin for lesser crimes than rape of his mother.
12/2 c7 Jasmin
"As usual, his father did nothing to satisfy his children's desires, neither recovering nor getting worse." Lmao
Hospice would be a better term than hospital for the story.
12/1 c6 Guest
Varys truly is a self serving ass who acts sanctimonious about wanting good for the realm. If he truly did want good of the realm he would've supported Rhaegar and the Tourney of Harrenhal wouldn't even happen if Aerys was deposed.
How did the Starks find out about Mooton's betrayal though?
12/1 c5 Guest
Why is Tyrion not questioning a messenger being sent to Baelish or Baelish having a spare key to the Mint?
12/1 c3 Guest
It was only a dozen names on Jon's list of Freys to kill after the Traitors Feast, which evidently was revised, because I remember the frying of all the grandsons as well. But your number in the author's note contradicts the revision.
12/2 c17 Hewhohasreturned
Hey, how's it going? Been killing gods and monsters while playing God of War Ragnarok. Too busy to review. Sorry. Anyways, great chapter. The slow burn with Jamie made this believable and went well. I can't wait to see what happens next.
There are a couple views I would like to see. I want to know how the Faith and the sparrows feel about all this stuff with Jon and Jamie. I wonder how Jamie's actions will effect kingslanding. What are the Tyrells going to do. Is Jamie going to confess about the royal children being his.
11/30 c11 3Lazov
For seventeen years, Westeros shat on the dragons, smeared my father's memory, erased my mother's existence. I intend to restore my ancestors back to their rightful place.

Lmao, delusional. Rhaegar was stupid, Lyanna was a teenage girl that didn't have a functioning brain beyond "I will elope with a married man because I can't stand the thought of being married to another man who had premarital sex and that wound up in him having a single bastard girl".

No, really, splendid job there, fucking hilarious.

I fucking love how people put stock in what Lyanna said when she was a dumb teenage girl as if she knew all the things in the world and could judge people from stories heard afar or a single meeting of a person.

Also, Targaryens were bad for Westeros, period. Their good does not outweigh the bad.
11/30 c10 Lazov
What a fucking stupid reveal.
11/28 c10 Guest
Far too proud of two cunts (Rhaegar and Lyanna) who didnt care about the chaos and deads they created
11/26 c17 Jojo reference
So Jamie stepped up, about time. I wasn't sure what he would do, I thought he might kill Joffrey or something.
So Jon has been talking about leaving for the last couple of chapters, so I hope we go to bravos soon.
Great work, can't wait to see more.
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