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9/15 c1 Guest
Ok, its been a month, its time for a another update or two...
9/14 c9 Protein
After I read all the chapter to have it end like this, my eyes almost bled. Hell of a cliff hanger! I think I am now addicted to this story. I now know what I was missing in life. You did a great job, and the thought of the next chapter has me tight in all the right places. I do hope to read the next chapter soon. Please update when you have time. Thumbs up!
9/14 c9 Guest
Amazing story with so much detail and background. Love the portrayal of the characters, the different scenarios. It’s all so great.
9/15 c9 Bodh
I know Ur updates between the chapters is done very regularly till now and im waiting for the next update so pls update.
9/12 c1 Guest
Please update
9/13 c9 aKaRandomDude
Still enjoying your story, time for an update though.
9/12 c8 5snowlikestardust
This past week I reread the entirety of Maester Wolf and Once We Were Dragons, and since I didn't comment much my first read-through, I'll go ahead and unload my thoughts of the whole series (I'm commenting on chapter 8 because I already commented on chapter 9 - I believe the comment was "my boy Jon is curing the plague as a side quest")

Maester Wolf: I can't stop thinking about the tiny moments in this story that change the world. The first is when the Northern army is camped on the wrong side of the river in front of the Twins. Jon asks Robb to trust him, and Robb does. If that didn't happen the entire timeline would be different! Another moment is when Jon asks for complete control over the prisoners - so much would change if Robb didn't agree. It's just so cool seeing that these little conversations have such a wide reach. Also, it warms my heart a little thinking about how the North's success hinged on the love and trust between Robb and Jon :')
Also, all the fight scenes in MW are so cool! Fight scenes can be difficult to write, and you did so well. They were all engaging, and also all different from each other! They each felt their own distinct scene. The strategies used were also genuinely clever. You do that well, too: writing a clever character. Those can be hard to write, because they require the author being clever, too. But again, you did so well!

Once We Were Dragons: I'm not gonna lie, the first time I read this I skipped a lot of the Southern sections because the plague kinda freaks me out (I skipped from the parts in the North right to Jon searching for a cure). But this second time, I was so engaged with the story that I read the whole thing. Basically, your writing was good enough that I got over my squeamishness in order to read.
Seeing Jon being all science-y is fun. It's clear he just wants to learn and discover, and he only did war craft out of necessity. Now he can truly be a scholar! It's nice to see.
I'm looking forward to chapter 10 - I really want to see the direct aftermath of discovering the cure. If they don't manage to keep it on the down low, I can image there might be mobbing, attempts at theft, and all kinds of chaos. I also wonder how long Jon will stay in the South - will he continue to treat the plague, or will he pass off the cure to someone else and return North? From a political standpoint, it makes sense to stay - talk about brownie points! But he is also the Iron Throne's Most Wanted and just almost died from an assassination attempt, so I can see how he would want to return North.

I have a book recommendation for you: "The Plague" by Albert Camus, written in 1947. It's about a plague outbreak in the French Algerian city Oran. Yes, I do recognize the irony in recommending a book about the plague when I already said I'm squeamish about that stuff; I promise I'm not a hypocrite, it was for school! But just because I read it for school doesn't mean it's not really good. It deals with similar themes to OWWD, and I think it might bring a cool perspective to you :)

Thank you very much for writing and sharing this fic. I know you got a lot of (undeserved) hate in MW, so I'm really glad you stuck through and kept posting. I've been thinking of this series non-stop for days!
9/11 c1 thorzzz
Is , the black dragon in the visions of people both in Dorne and Braavos Jon ? And where is Theon .
9/9 c1 Uchiha Yemi
Pls update
9/9 c1 Guest
Great story
9/7 c9 Miguel
I read all of maester wolf and just finish catching up on once we were dragons. You are a excellent writer. I love the notes that you put at the very end of the chapters about battle strategies, knowledge of tools, science and medicine. I usually look them all up after reading each chapter. Looking foward to more of your work.
9/9 c1 Uchiha Yemito
Pls I don’t want littlefinger to be killed by the faceless men, he should be exposed throughout the seven kingdoms for all he has done with no where for him to run to. All his secret should be exposed from killing Jon Arryn to betraying Ned stark to even infecting Tywin Lannister with the plague then after this he can then burn.
9/7 c9 Guest
Update your shit already
9/6 c9 Mr. Doctor
Wow, I truly can't get over this story. It really is a great tale. I hope to read an update soon, the cliff hanger has me biting my nails.
9/3 c9 mickeysofine
I'm going to come back to this in a few years.
It's engaging but the pace is way too slow.
I'll wait until it's finished and read it one go.

Besides the pace, I feel the visions are the weakest part of this fic.
It undermines the rest of this Jon's strengths as a character.
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