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2/24 c18 Guest
Don’t kill Ghost or his sister!
2/20 c16 Guest
I think they had Samwell cure Jorah's greyscale just to make that scene where Jorah introduces Dany to Sam extra telenovela.
2/22 c18 dracaena00
I am so glad to find out that this story is not abandoned and sequel is going strong! I will be following it along and looking forward to the meeting with the Iron Bank.
2/18 c18 Bella-swan11
Jaime, you do the right thing, if Ser Arthur saw you he would be so proud of you; Tyrion if you think that your family will keep the throne then you are wrong. Your family will pay for their crimes, because Daemon will never forget the deaths of his brothers or his stepmother; He will have no mercy against those who hurt his family.
Olenna you are not going to let Margaery marry Joffrey, you aim for your granddaughter to marry Daemon; Doran will also look for Arianne to marry Daemon.
1/23 c1 SirNuggets
I swear to God, one of the best pieces of writing I have ever read. I found the Maester wolf in ao3 and followed here to the sequel. Like this can rival new york times authors any day. Not just the writing, the research, information, and lore presented is for the most part logical and exciting. Is it a suspension of disbelief ? The og story has resurrections dragons and people with necklaces that reduce aging ofcourse it is but the implementation of real battle tactics and events, the sheer research is unbelievable. I absolutely would support you even if you opened a patreon. Like bro think of writing as a serious profession, this is better that 99.99% of the uncreative drivel barfed out by most authors or fanfiction writers these days.
1/25 c18 LadaHathaway
I absolutely love this story! Can't wait more now xx
1/24 c18 soldier08152008
I really appreciate your writing. I can't tell you how many times i have reread Maester Wolf and this story. I can really tell you put a lot of effort into your writing through research and planning. I hope my review will encourage you to continue your efforts. You've done an amazing job so far.
1/22 c16 Indypindy
I would literally send you money to finish this story. Besides Maester Wolf, this is the best thing I’ve read and re-read, and re-read. Aha. Hope you’re well though and thank you regardless.
1/14 c7 Guest
Update soon please the suspense is killing me.
1/4 c17 2Reikson
Isn't Lancel dead? He's being referred to in the present tense.
12/25/2023 c18 Guest
Please update this is the most interesting story I've read in a while. You're doing great work keep it up.
12/11/2023 c18 the zedmeister
Love this fic! Have you considered posting it on AO3 as well? The ffnet ads can get annoying.
12/5/2023 c18 tired guest
Retards at it again, complaining about the same shit for over a year.
Tyrion wanting to see his son despite what happened to Tysha isn't a decision based off of logic and reason, it's an emotional one.

Tyrion very likely feels extreme guilt and wants to make amends, which from his perspective might be the right thing to do.

Anyone who says otherwise is a clown. You all assume Tyrion raped Tysha for the fun of it, he was forced into it by his father. And in canon Tyrion kills Tywin for it.
12/6/2023 c13 BlackVortex604
RIP Owen
I'm gonna miss him
12/1/2023 c13 Guest
The Tyrell’s can use Owen’s death to leave the city.

Garlan intends for them to escort Owen back to Cider Hall for burial, so he and his wife (and son) have a reason to go, perhaps some of the other minor lords and ladies and even Mace. If Margaery and Olenna and Loras remain, then the Lannisters can’t complain or worry. Then, once they are clear of the city, Garlan can double back with some men to help smuggle the rest out, perhaps after drugging those guarding them, so Margaery etc can escape.

Why does Tyrion want to meet his son? Surely he doesn’t think anything good can come from meeting the boy whose mother he raped and abandoned?
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