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5/17 c18 3jaufanfic
I hope you haven't abandoned this story! I really love it!
5/13 c8 sad
Your story pertaining to Peter Baelish makes no sense. Everyone would have killed him by now. Your version is too overt and everyone knows.
5/12 c18 girlbum05
Please continue the story
5/7 c18 Guest
I make it a point to check Bach here every few weeks for the next chapter. Hope you update soon.
5/6 c18 Nagraj
I hope this doesn't become another Targaryen wank or restoration fic.
5/4 c1 Kein
will you write? are you okay ?
5/2 c18 Guest
Nothing else compares to this story. It’s breath taking and so well written and well researched. It’s like a real book, not fanfiction. I hope all is well in your life and that you’ve moved on to better things, that you are busy with living a wonderful life. Best wishes to you. Thanks for writing this. I love it.
5/2 c18 Guest
Jaime should surely point out to Tyrion when he visits, how Tyrion’s son Gerry is part of Jon’s crew, who are constantly by Jon’s side, so by going along with Tywin’s plot, Tyrion has put his own son at risk.

And this plot isn’t going to make Gerry any more keen to meet Tyrion in the future.
5/4 c18 Cryptic Vortex
Hope you're doing well! I really enjoy this story and look forward to seeing it continued.
4/30 c18 6Vickie1996
Just finished my third reread and always so invested by the amount of research you put into your story. Can't wait to see what direction you take this in
4/29 c18 Lupul
Amazing story. I've already read it several times and enjoyed it immensely. I'm sorry that readers put so much pressure on you. I hope that everything is fine with you and perhaps you have the strength and desire to write further. Anyway, thank you for giving me the story and all the best to you.
4/14 c11 Guest
Lost me at 'Rebellion was built on a lie'. Cheerio.
4/1 c18 8Secret world
Please continue writing! Please
3/25 c18 Jake
I've had such a great time reading MW and its sequel these past few weeks. Your balance of practical history and surprising character moments made for an excellent read! I learned a lot from your ANs as well. I'll keep tabs on your next update, but no rush - it is clear your deliberate and well-researched pace is bearing amazing fruit. Have a great day!
3/15 c9 Guest
“He prayed that she would be more like her brother than her father.”

Unfortunately, Daenerys showed signs of madness back in book one.
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