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for Once We Were Dragons

6/24/2023 c17 2HPMARIE
Amazing story, I love it!
6/17/2023 c17 Guest
Hope the author is OK.
6/17/2023 c17 4kaycross1184
Such a great story! Been binge reading this one and the first. Hope you finish it!
6/8/2023 c2 Guest
Bronze Yohn should remember how he stayed in the Vale and didn’t come to the aid of the Stark family - he has no right to be given any honours or particular notice from the Stark family just because he’s there for his son’s wedding. He shouldn’t expect more from them and any slight should be accepted.

Robb should start instilling some discipline in Rickon, he shouldn’t be allowed to become so feral with his wolf acting like that.
6/7/2023 c17 Darkendlight74
I am really enjoying this story. I hope to see more updates.
6/4/2023 c17 dlowe2651
I hope you continue this story it is amazing and I would love to see ot finished
5/31/2023 c17 Indypindy
Hands down the best story on here! Besides maester wolf!
5/28/2023 c17 Anon
Could you post if this is abandoned?
5/25/2023 c17 Guest
I hope we'll see an update soon, I love this story!
5/25/2023 c1 Guest
This has been a great read but after 7 months I’m considering this dead. Thanks for the fun on the way.
5/26/2023 c17 Shazamfan
Amazing sequel. Was sad to see Pod go but served the story well for the cost of the plague. Yet Owen’s death his me hard and I hope to see Jon reaction to his loss.

Jamie at the end her me was perfect. One can hope we see the redemption of him grow from here. I am really liking Tommen with Jamie and Tyrion.

Hope more is coming as this is a FANTASTIC story to get lost in while reading.
5/24/2023 c17 Guest
I like how you’ve changed Jaime without going down the route of cutting his hand off. It always felt like lazy writing by GRRM to me, that he couldn’t bring about the evolution of Jaime any other way.

I can’t help thinking that the Iron Bank has just made a very big mistake..,
5/24/2023 c15 Guest
This (f)Aegon is in for a big surprise when he travels to Westeros and finds no support from Dorne. Thanks to Jon, Oberyn knows for certain that the real Aegon is dead and with Rhaenys; Oberyn definitely won’t take it lightly that someone is trying to pretend this Blackfyre is his nephew.

And of course, bringing the Golden Company with him screams he’s a Blackfyre, even if Dorne didn’t know that the real Aegon was dead.

Daenerys is still a bit delusional, thinking that Jon’s claim is greater because he’s male. She thinks her claim should be greater, not understanding that even if Jon had been female, Jon’s claim would still be greater as Jon is the child of her older brother.

What a lovely man Jon Connington is! Not caring about the people being enslaved again or being crucified etc. Calling Jon a bastard who is a savage etc. He’s just bitter as it’s yet more proof that he wasn’t as important to Rhaegar as he’d wished. After all, Rhaegar didn’t even trust Jon Connington with the knowledge of marrying Lyanna and her being with child. Yet Jon Connington still was in love with his Silver Prince.
5/24/2023 c14 Guest
Melisandre can’t allow others to know her doubts, her power and value comes from her certainty. It’s how Melisandre gets people to do what she wants, because she claims it’s a vision in the flames from her god.

I think the Edric in your story doesn’t want to kneel because he hopes to become the heir to Stannis. He might be fond of Shireen but she’s a girl and one afflicted with greyscale at that. He probably believes that people would prefer a strong man like himself to be the next king after Stannis rather than a woman, especially one so disfigured. Westeros doesn’t have a great record in crowning queens even if they are the rightful heir after all.

Or perhaps he’s hoping to marry Shireen and become king that way. Either way, kneeling to Jon puts his ambitions in danger.

If they are anticipating a long war against the Others, it’s imperative that the lands near the Wall are developed and to create some glass houses to ensure food supply lines.
5/23/2023 c12 Guest
"I kept my vows." The old knight said, doggedly.

"I did not. One of us saved a city from burning and it was not you. I will honor the oaths that matter."

And that right there sums up Ser Barristan; he would rather comfort himself with his vows rather than doing what is right or necessary. If he had been with Aerys, would Ser Barristan even attempted to do anything to stop the orders for the wildfire to be lit? Or would he just stand there thinking about his vows to not interfere with the king?

Besides, Jaime did keep his vows, he kept the first ones he swore - to protect the innocent etc.

Your throwaway mention of Lady Alysanne made me think about her chapters from Maester Wolf and I think she’d be a good match for Jon.

Sansa’s wrong in her thinking, the North would be happy to have someone with Stark blood on the Iron Throne. Jon proved himself during the war, was responsible for rescuing all the hostages from the Twins including some of the most important Stark bannermen, not to mention all the ways he’s developed the North to be strong and rapidly becoming one of the richest and most powerful kingdoms.

Bran’s youth is showing by not realising that there are more Targaryen supporters than he thinks, the Riverlands are still split with supporters who only bent the knee reluctantly, there’s the Crownlands, the Reach etc. When you add in how feared Jon is, as noted by several characters, the knowledge of his being a Targaryen could have brought many more allies to the war effort.

Bran might see lots but he doesn’t have the experience to understand the importance of certain things or how to make connections.

Considering how useless Bran was in the show, I never understood why he was the main target for the Night King anyway. He watches, that’s all.
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