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11/22/2023 c6 Guest
"A sister for a sister. Jon gave me his word in the Riverlands that he would grant a favor - so long as it did not harm the Starks. He will honor my request."

This is a risk to the Starks.
11/22/2023 c3 Guest
Oberyn is delusional - Dorne has done nothing to seek revenge, it’s all been provided by the North.
11/22/2023 c2 Guest
I don’t understand - Robb didn’t marry, why is he talking about his wife?
11/23/2023 c17 Iceman2785
Great story can wait to see how it ends.
11/18/2023 c1 Handers
I just finished Maester Wolf last night at 5am, it was absolutely amazing and very cathartic to have so many people get what they deserved.

I'll probably be finishing all the available chapters for this sequel in one go :D

Thanks for writing this story!
11/14/2023 c18 Guest
Please carry on kind of want a pairing with the black pearl/jon
11/13/2023 c18 Guest
I hope you will update some day as I loved reading so far. Thank you.
11/8/2023 c18 Nervous
It's been over a month, I'm worried that you are going on another year-long hiatus. I really hope to read more soon. This is a wonderful story. Please update soon.
11/7/2023 c16 NAJ P. Jackson
Tywin's becoming unhinge. Does he not think that by offering 1 million Dragon as reward the Iron Bank would just stay put. If he has 1 million Dragon lying around why aren't they paying their Debt. Iron Bank's gonna aggressive in wanting the Iron Throne to pay it's due.

Tyrion looks like he's following Baelish's footsteps in minting new Dragons but with less Gold. Jaime's going through a redemption arc by questioning a lot of their family's unsavory practices. Tyrion is a retch for going along Tywin's plan. I don't think he deserves any redemption. Tyrion says he hates his father for what he did to Tysha but Tyrion's been following Tywin's tunes in his schemes.
11/7/2023 c15 NAJ P. Jackson
I'm crossing my fingers this is heading into a Jon/Daenerys pairing. The plot-line is converging towards them meeting and Jon fighting to defend his Aunt from her enemies. And with the Company of Rose swearing fealty to Jon he has a ready Army to help Daenerys and they can even rival Aegon's Golden Company.

I'm curious what Myrcella will play as she has Prince Garin's Gem. I would assume Jon would need that to woke Garin from Rhoyne as foretold by Rhaenys. Quite funny that the Priestess entrusted a Lion with the Gem instead of giving it to the Martells. I guess this generation of Martells are beyond hope from the Priestess view. I'm enjoying Shireen's and Myrcella's POV in the story. I'm normally not interested of Fanfics that takes place in Essos but I must admit your story has me at the edge of my seat in wanting to see what happens next in this Essos Arc.
11/7/2023 c13 NAJ P. Jackson
Actions should have consequences. The Death of Owen should drive a wedge between the Reach and the Iron Throne. Anyone with half a brain cell should know why he was murdered. I would be greatly disappointed if this doesn't amount to anything. At the very least House Fossoway would be angry towards the Lannisters and the extension to the Tyrells for allying with them. House Lannister have too much plot Armor if they keep getting away with doing crimes against fellow their Nobles.
11/7/2023 c11 NAJ P. Jackson
I have to agree on your notes in keeping Barristan's allegiance to Daenerys. Daenerys desperately needs capable men she can trust on her side and to guard her back. Jon have plenty on his already to guard him like The Hound, Thoros and Beric. Jaime may join them one day as well.

I really like how Kingly you made your Jon. He's already acting like a King and the others look up to him as such.
11/7/2023 c18 graycup113
Great seeing another chapter is up, your style is very detailed oriented but without slowing down the flow of the story. Which of course is what you're known for, just reminded of it because I reread some of the last chapters, to remind myself of where we left off.
11/4/2023 c18 tired guest
There's always some retard complaining about Jon/Targaryen wank.
Here's some advice why don't you stop because no one cares.
Your autistic ass needs to stop reading this if it bothers you so much.
I mean you've made it through maester wolf and now the sequel and yet still you bitch and moan. Touch grass bro.
11/3/2023 c10 shadow patronus
This is totally riveting. When he declared I danced (which is totally uncommon).
Thank you!
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