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11/1/2023 c18 3RohanVos
Wonderful chapter as always, I greatly enjoyed Jon and Arya's tourist trip through Bravos while the rest of their comrades debate the dangers. Looking forward to what comes next!
10/25/2023 c11 JohnnyNott
Rebellion didn't start until Rickard was burned alive and Brandon was strangled in a mockery of Trial by Combat. Then again unjustly Aerys called for Robert's and Eddards heads by their foster father. Only then were banners called.

Also house Targaryen has countless atrocities to credit to their name. Including the countless burnings of innocents, women and children by Aerys. Rhaegar and others like Barriston and Arthur Dayne just looked away. Someone should absolutely call Jon/Daemon on his beliefs. Rhaegar was absolutely a fool and Targaryens terrible kings. Their name should be absolutely reviled rightly so. Jon needs to face and over come that.
10/27/2023 c18 Hewhohasreturned
Been awhile hasn't it. I went from checking the story for a new chapter everyday to thinking that you were done. I was very happy to see a new chapter up. I can't wait to see how Jon manages to survive this one. Or if he does. I still want to know what happens in Kingslanding after that cliffhanger we were left with. I wonder how the company of the rose will help. Thanks for updating again. Can't wait to read the next chapter.
10/26/2023 c17 shiningmoments
I think you already killed off Lancel…
Brilliant story though, I’m loving your writing and enjoy all the factoids in the author notes. Thanks for all the hard work putting it together and your generosity in sharing it
10/23/2023 c14 Guest
I really want to like this story but the level of targaryen wankery is obscene. Rheagar was an idiot at best and a mad rapist at worse yet you have made all sorts of excuses for him.
10/21/2023 c2 Guest
That which does not kill us, mutates, and tries again!
10/20/2023 c18 Guest
Great to see you writing again. Story needs to be finished.
10/21/2023 c18 14omega
is finally back.
10/18/2023 c18 N
Huh, thought you died lol. Great to see you back!
10/20/2023 c18 waka wan
I cant tell you how excited I feel when I log on and see that you have put up a new chapter! Amazing story and thank you for the historical footnotes!
10/19/2023 c18 19orthankg1
Very nice, and glad to have you posting again.
10/13/2023 c18 TMK06
So good to have you back :). Your writing is so good and your notes are always informative. Thank you.
10/15/2023 c18 Theasiancow
In the past day I’ve re-read Maester Wolf and this storysolely for the one chapter update. Ive recently bren studying medieval history and the chapter endnotes are fascinating. Not enough people properly understand how important monks were in the preservation and development of knowledge.

Anyways, love the story. Glad you’re back.
10/12/2023 c18 Cassis Anne
So glad to see this update!
I hope the next chapter is coming soon
10/14/2023 c18 3Fyr RedNight
Great work on this chapter.

Just a question though, it's about the boats, I have a hard time picturing what kind of boat is the She-wolf, do you per chance happen to have any material references or she looks exactly like the Cutty Sark?

Looking forward to the next update!
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