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for Where Loyalties Lie

2/28 c50 Guest
Why does Remi’s body not smell like her anymore? Is that foreshadowing or am I just overthinking. I digress, I loved this fanfic and you are an amazing writer!
2/28 c50 Guest
Bravo bravo! Looking foreward to the sequel
2/19 c50 CloudGazer101
amazing thanks you did a great job with this story and I can't wait for the sequel
2/14 c50 1NetteBS
2/12 c50 12Amaterasu53
I loved the part with Iruka and the dog
2/8 c49 CloudGazer101
just reread and caught up on your story, I forgot how good this story is loved the new fight scene thanks and continue your great work
1/16 c49 Octavian743
Good chapter. I wonder if keiko will be able to be a ninja still
12/22/2022 c1 Thestartmiddleandend
Just binged this! I love it! Can’t wait to read more
12/19/2022 c48 2akire26
Had to read the entire over again bc it had been so long, but I was not disappointed! What’s a great chapter! Is she still alive and herself? Please say yes, and that they’ll confess their love. Which is pure and kind and fills me with fuzzy feelings.
11/20/2022 c47 3Namesareplaceholders
Yay, an update! Loved the chapter and the cliffhanger! :) while I can’t wait to read more, I also need to tell you to please do not feel pressured at all. I hope things slow down a bit and everything gets easier soon
11/19/2022 c47 Zarialee
Great chapter! I was super excited to see a new one! Thank you for continuing this story even with all the stressers going on in your personal life. Can’t wait for the next!
11/19/2022 c47 IzzyG1989
I'm sooo happy about this update! I got a little distressed thinking you may have abandoned the story. I'm not a fan of cliffhanger, but knowing that you will keep going is very reassuring. I will be looking for updates, no matter how long it takes!
10/20/2022 c46 spacetorii
I finally caught up after starting a few days ago! I love Keiko and this story a lot. Can’t wait for the next update 3
10/18/2022 c34 Guest
Will there be more of “Bonds Blooming Lotus”? It its like a rare gem of good Lee x oc stories
9/29/2022 c1 18tabjoy13
Thank you for not making Iruka Naruto's best friend right from the get-go. The way they retconned it that Iruka was always there for Naruto was such BS. At the beginning of the series he clearly didn't like Naruto and WAS NOT taking him out for ramen all the time or letting him half live in his house as the fans and filler want you to believe. Iruka going from an interesting character that Naruto changed to a perfect angel that did no wrong was a disservice to his character.

Thank you for writing.
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