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for Come Hell or High Water

6/7 c7 1altarp2408
Kensi is going to kick Callen's behind for that one. One thing Kensi will not stand for is being treated different from the rest of the team.

Besides I was kinda anticipating when the crew found out that Kenis could be akin ot a hornet when the time come.

But it ain't over yet :)
6/7 c7 trscrny
Aren't you the clever one, though? I did not expect that announcement from Callenl! Hope Deeks and Kensi forgive him for blurting out their secret. Also I hope you include in your story how Callen knew! This was a riveting chapter and had me on the edge of my seat, esp. when they wanted to take Kensi and Callen was valiantly trying to change Miller's mind! Loved the way you had Callen take down the other guy! I am so looking forward to more of this story. It is so good and well written. I hesitate to mention this since I don't want you to think I'm being critical, but I do think there is a typo in the beginning. It says Miller's food caught him and I think you meant foot. No biggie-just thought you'd want to be made aware of that. I am not being critical at all. This is a fantastic, well-written story and I thank you for posting your chapters regularly.
Take care,
6/2 c6 1Amjm
Thank you for this great story, there sadly are only a few Callen centered whump stories around nowadays. So I am excited to find such an intruiging one being continued. Please carry on!
5/31 c6 trscrny
Another exciting chapter! Eager for more, of course. Glad Callen was able to stop Kensi getting kicked. Thank you for more!
Stay safe,
5/31 c6 1altarp2408
How did I know it would escalate? oh... yeah... At least it it fits what a boy friend would do... Question is how long before they do start on Kensi or maybe someone elese.

Good story.
5/31 c6 6ssl71
As always, Callen will protect Kensi at all costs. You know Sam and Deeks are anxiously waiting to end the situation and rescue their partners. Miller is a loose cannon. Hopefully Cox comes through with the car before anyone else gets hurt.
5/28 c5 Pam11
Absolutely loving this story! Please update. Also where’s Sam, Hetty and Deeks. They’re probably ready to storm the bank themselves. Lol.
Love it when Callen gets hurt and Sam has to come to the rescue. Would really like to hear the others reaction to what’s going on with Callen I’m hoping this story takes about 20 chapters to complete or more.
Please hurry and post more !
5/25 c5 Guest
Please more :)
5/24 c5 1altarp2408
Wooppsss.. Don't Let Sam near them when they make a move. Interesting in how they are going ot get out. And at some point I think Kensi may have some trouble as his "Girlfriend".
5/24 c5 trscrny
Thank you for another riveting chapter. Liked your description of how Callen was sifting through different scenarios. Reminds me of the time Sam told him that no one saw as many sides of a coin as Callen did, or something like that. You are keeping Kensi and Callen in character with each of them worrying about the other and exchanging eyerolls! Also like how you had Kensi pick up on Callen's desire not to have Dina notice all his scars. Let's face it-I like the entire story so far! Thanks, again.
5/19 c1 4anonkp
Good start! Well written.
5/18 c4 Guest
Oooh great story so far. Left us on a cliffhanger there.
Can’t wait to read more
5/17 c4 6ssl71
Another good chapter! Wonder who mentioned about a feeeral agent being inside. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.
5/17 c4 trscrny
Yikes! I was afraid of that when Callen first noticed the baddie with the cell phone tv transmission! Loved your description of how Callen could change into his "fear" persona! And then out of it when he needed to for Kensi's sake. I'm hanging on this cliff here and am eager to find out what happens next! Very effective writing for sure! Thank you.
Stay Safe,
5/17 c4 1altarp2408
Oh Boy... It's going from worse to worser. Whoever the "source" is... They are going to find out how badly they screwed up ...
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