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for Fate: Souls and Singularities

3/27 c145 Guest
It's Seath, isn't it?
3/27 c145 antonioranza
Dark souls end Danmachi crossover, Uncle Gael in Hestia famiglia ( j love this story ) From Italy hellow
3/27 c145 17Chronos0305
Wonder if the hominculi can be used by Sulyhvan as a substitute for humans?
3/27 c145 10Manatread
Its fcking official, we have an Emiya from another world everyone
3/27 c60 2Shigeraki
If sir Lancelot were to get into a relationship with Garett that would make mash, since she is technically Galahad right now, Garett’s step daughter and which would mean every knight on the round table that we have seen so far are related. At least the knights that are recognized as part of the round table in fate. There are more that can be added but right now the only ones are all related except lancelot and Galahad who are father and son. I went off on a tangent again… damn.
3/27 c145 5Voskaeon
Well i can say with 110% confidence that this'll bite Ritsuka back in the arse somehow. Bloody hell, talk about'a bomb under the table...
3/27 c145 10Time Hollow
I'm going to make a wild guess and say the Caster is Seath.
3/27 c145 10The Eschaton
This is what it means to make a Love to Hate character. Sulyvhan was only hated by way of item description and is beloved for being a good boss fight
3/23 c144 2Mr. Haziq
Dang. Nobu gets things done!

Who is that doppelganger...
3/23 c144 Guest
Hey when will you be making chapter 31 of Right Place, Wrong War I hope you haven’t forgotten about it it’s a cool story one of my favorite fate fanfics I was just thinking if you will continue when you left off it be great to see how it Continues when the main characters fight against Gil and see what happens afterwards
3/23 c144 Guest
Hey when will you be making chapter 31 of Right Place, Wrong War i really love to see the story continue when you left off I hope you haven’t forgotten about it I don’t expect the story to be updated every week but I like you to update it once or twice a month
3/23 c144 BlueCore
Can't wait
3/23 c1 finhirblank
So freakin'- AWESOME! Just one thing is the little typos here, I recommend using Grammarly, it's free, if you don't have any proofreaders. Fixes your typos and grammar! Good luck :)
3/23 c144 RotcehM
Good work brother I LOVE THIS FIC
3/22 c143 TalonScythe
Well. That escalated real quick. Like WTH this really took a turn!

So the fights were good, if a bit hard to follow at times and even the endings felt a bit abrupt in their execution. For instants I thought we would at least see Akal and Kalameet pull out an NP, and Artoria went from dominating to one-shot really quick. Even though I did like that Marie got the last hit.
There were some real hype moments though, the easter eggs prompted me to put on GOW Thor’s theme for Artoria, and ‘It has to be this way’ from MGR for Kalameet for example.

Then we get to the reveal and MAN, did it make everything Olga accomplished and the entire effort of the singularity feel like ash in the mouth. The twist that it was all a test really must have gotten on Olga’s nerves, which is understandable.
Honestly that entire ending made me spent hours going through every prompt of Aldia and the ‘second adversary’ in the story. Which made me realize that Arleno was the boy from the Septem interlude. While also made me finally figure out who this mysterious enemy really is.
They’re either Manus or much more likely, The Lord of Hollows from the DS3 usurpation ending. It would explain so much of their motive and actions from what was seen in Septem and Okeanos.


So that would mean that throughout the incineration, here are the big players;
We have ‘Solomon’ as the main instigator.
The Lord of Hollows taking an opportunity for their own plans.
Bearer of the curse and Aldia acting as a observant party (thought not for long I imagine).
Then, we have our protags at 'Finis Chaldea' trying to fix things (all whilst playing into the Alien world’s plan).

Really becoming a massive game of chess at this point, and that’s not even considering all the other entities out there waiting in the shadows. Like how Flora (Moon presence) is the first outer god to take an interest through their Hunter Lucien.
I imagine they won’t be the last, and Issin will make a return at some point along with Sekiro(Wolf). So many beings appearing and causing havoc, like damn.


Finally we have the tease of how much things have gone to crap in London that its a red alert with many of the heavy hitter being called in and nobody knows what’s going on.
I’m assuming now we’re going to travel back to see Ritsuka’s POV and what the heck has been going on. My expectations are peaked.

Looking forward to more in the future.
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