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for Fate: Souls and Singularities

5/18 c1 Kolek Blood Drinker
Yes guest, we know that your father left you, that your mom does not love you and that you like it when your uncle r pes you, we don't fucking care you worthless sewer goblin
5/18 c239 1Pelican117
Do ignore the no life guest. The fact that he thinks humanity is purely good in fate is laughable (fgo pt 1 & 2 are literally a direct result of human evil).
Your story is fantastic with probably some of the greatest character interactions I’ve seen in a fic. I’d definitely say it’s the strongest and most entertaining area of your writing.
5/18 c238 Guest
I'm laughing Fate whitewashed it's character's to heaven and back there is no greater example of this than the Round table itself. The affair had a far greater impact on the round table in reality than Fate delusional universe as Lancelot and Guinevere were both ideals and held on a pedestal. There is two reactions to a pedestal breaking one admission they aren't as great as you thought or two using that character as an excuse for your own failings tournament of dead innocence anyone? Fate believes the knights great and good the reality is they are very human and fully capable of failure and thus vastly more interesting. Being a hero doesn't automatically make you good and perfect it literally means you have praiseworthy qualities or great achievements not all good or perfect.
5/18 c239 Guest
Just a friendly guest chiming in to tell you how much I love your story. Seriously, it's great, the sheer length and prompt updates on display here is top notch, as is your writing itself. The way you've built this crossover is superb. Ignore the haters who apparently have nothing better to do with their lives than flame someone over a fanfic. Hopefully this restores your faith in us nameless readers a bit and I eagerly await your next chapter
5/18 c211 Kamensentai1gou
NGL, the not yet summer resort kinda sucks as of now, a bit of a slog to read through you know? Maybe I'll put it on hold and read the rest later... Or not... /j

But yeah chapters 3 and 4 are a bit too slow for my taste
5/17 c239 KingDinoDragon
Don't listen to that guy u are doing a great job it's hard to truly write a story. But when do it you can Rember the fun of making your own world for everyone to enjoy and imagine being in.
5/17 c1 Guest
Com on Dude the creatures in DS are actually potrayed as intelligent unlike Fate they do have the ability to acquire new skills and information and act based on that and do so without human intervention. The Dragons literally made a way for other races to be like them just centuries after the setting started everyone else Seath included has zero clue how their immortality works and spend who knows how long on it only that it does that's literally the entire reason he kept going and went even more insane far as he knows there is zero reason he shouldn't share the immortality. It is verbally explained to.
5/17 c238 Carlom2408

A thousand thanks. I really mean it.
5/16 c239 killer7424
This Guest must really love this story to comment on every chapter multiply times, gotta be the #1 fanboy.
5/16 c239 R Naught
Now that I think about it, I felt like Ritsuka didn't gushes over Tametomo enough. It's a literal walking mecha from his home country, his childhood dream made manifest. What mecha fans wouldn't drool when presented with such being as their servant?

On side note, I do hope you have enough rest for those brain juices to regenerate. There's cooking well and there's cooking too well at a cost. And I could swear out of all authors I followed, you are one of the most prolific one: fanfic and official.
5/16 c239 systemspirit
The fact that the guest is getting this worked up over a fanfiction is wild.
5/16 c239 For'Sleep 3rd
Thanks for the chapter XD
5/16 c1 R Naught
Good thing Munda posted these in SBforum first. Got him actual good critiques and advices, as opposed to this... SHITSTORM of Review Board
5/16 c239 Different Guest
Reading the saber wars chapter, and a personal critique I have about them is, that there are too many straight men here.
5/16 c1 Whaterverug
Yap, Yap, Yap is all the guest below me does, they must truly love talking or complaining on things they think they understand, yet don't. All I ever hear from the guest is whining , moaning, complaining, and bitching. Seriously dude, shut the fuck up and leave, holy fucking shit you are pathetic.
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