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6/4 c1 Alpha
Woke leftist liberals crap STAY OUT of Shadowowrun
8/3/2021 c1 2k+Hawki
So, I like the idea behind this, and I'm vaguely familiar with Shadowrun lore to know the context of what's happened (magic returns, people turn into fantasy creatures, etc.) On the other hand, sometimes the writing feels a bit passive. In what's a traumatic experience for Destiny, you kind of keep her at arm's length. For instance, lines such as "She was kind of horrified too." Cliche as the phrase is, "show, don't tell." A lot of the time it feels like you're simply summing up how Destiny feels rather than being as intimate as you could be.

So, decent, but the writing could have had more 'punch.'
5/25/2021 c1 6arianedartagnan
When I see "Shadowrun," I typically expect a heist, so I really enjoyed being surprised by a story about the main character's goblinization.

I loved all the details that bring the setting to life. When Destiny wonders whether she should call her family or leave the phone lines open for emergency services, I can picture a world where goblinization has already started and is overwhelming the hospital system. The parts about wearing a mask in public and not touching your face unless you've just washed your hands really convey ordinary citizens' terror that they'll get VITAS.

The slow revelation of Destiny's transformation is very well done. I felt as if I were just as confused as she was at first and only slowly figuring it out along with her.

I loved the ending, with her family and friends accepting the new her just as easily as they accepted her brother telling them he was a guy.
5/2/2021 c1 23Danny Barefoot
Very nice story, with appropriate contemporary allusions to Covid, MMORGs, Amazon restricting bathroom breaks, social media and selfies, which fit very well with the Shadowrun setting but might well not have been imagined by the original developers in the 80s. Even if they didn't get everything right, concerns like prejudice, identity and technology being used to control or connect people are enduring concerns which you've focused on very astutely.

Megacorps are probably supportive of lockdown measures against VITAS to hurt smaller businesses more and hugely increase their wealth, as we've seen with COVID, though of course they'd also have fewer customers if everyone's dead. I've thought it possible VITAS would be so bad that people would despair and give up on social distancing, as they're already doing with COVID, but Destiny is shown consistently to be a responsible, practical person. Maybe it takes more than a global pandemic to stop people wanting to hug each other. Maybe the love and acceptance shown by Destiny's family is part of the reason the real world might not be such a dystopia as shadowrun, so a very good note to end on. Destiny doesn't know how bad things are going to get for metahumans in some ways, but that doesn't make her wrong to be hopeful.

'Life's enough of a grind without adding levels' was a pithy line. Also good points that finding clothes that fit while being underpaid by a megacorp is as big a concern as anything else for an orc or troll, also that so many bizarre things are happening around this time that a practical person has to accept the once unthinkable. Once again, an astute, positive a very good story.

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