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5/3/2021 c2 2Cryptczz
This is so good. I love this fic so much.
5/3/2021 c2 123ABIR123
This is good Pls update more
5/3/2021 c2 60BigSmokeYeet
Ngl that ending sucked. He should have chose the parents after everything they been through. Not only that but if it was realistic, the parents would be crying over how Subaru died over and over again...
5/1/2021 c1 FatPenguin86
FINALLY someone made this. And arc 6 subaru? Sweet
4/29/2021 c1 6stingrasher
Nice Reunion (Time for a heart to heart talk) :)
4/29/2021 c1 CosmicBeholder
That is happy but they are gonna think he turned to drugs lol.
4/29/2021 c1 2Cryptczz
I can’t wait for the next chapter and for Subaru to explain everything that happened to him. It would be cool if he demonstrated Cor Leonis or Invisible Providence to prove to them he went to another world.
4/29/2021 c1 60BigSmokeYeet
:D (Also you should let Subaru tell them about Return by Death)
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