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for Love in Crimson

7/18 c3 WalkerFRD
A fic parece interessante, porém muito lenta
7/2 c3 Golden Wind God
Nice fic. Waiting for the next update.
6/20 c2 marquis.shax
try to make your chapters longer
6/18 c3 nickclause
Nice chapter
6/9 c3 2OmniHein
great story please update soon
Neat chapter.

So Khaos Brigade neat.
6/8 c3 ghostFLIN
Excellent chapter bro continue soon
6/8 c3 Look2021
Good Chapter!
6/8 c3 I. P. Frealy
tbh I really hope kurama turns into an anime foxgirl with a deep craving for narutos dick
6/8 c3 SpokyRigel
funny chapter
6/8 c3 SPark681
Hmm, a nice chapter I wonder what is going to happen next anyways keep up the great work!
6/8 c3 SLappYNano
the teacher was kinda cringe so was the whole rias having a chaperon that takes bribes
6/8 c2 3Lawrence H. Bain
This makes me want Naruto/Rias/Akeno pairing more... it just fits in my mind.
6/8 c3 iiNeo
Author I like this but I have to request you change kit with brat or kid. Heck even gaki please I cringe everytime I read that in any fic man. Don't you understand we don't use kit man?!
6/8 c3 metalhead2793
Im really enjoying this story! Love the intro of the new teacher
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