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for Brooklyn Night

5/2 c1 Guest
Excellent. Thanks
4/30 c1 Guest
Great little story
4/30 c1 2robins99
That was very sweet, and very much in character for both of them! Great job!
4/30 c1 2SteppinOut87
Adore this story. I love their Brooklyn moments, always. They both grow so much. Thank you for taking this special episode and expanding on it.
4/30 c1 27angie1379
Wow, such a plausible continuation of the evening! I heard their voices in every line. I also like Angela acknowledging how Tony slips into his old Brooklyn personality every time he returns and worrying that he still feels out of place in Fairfield. The way they both adapted to each other's environment and personality over they years really shows their growth as characters - and as a couple! Thank you for sharing this beautiful exchange between them!
4/30 c1 49GoldenGirlSherry
I loved this! Great job!
4/29 c1 Socomama
Awww! I love this episode. These two are really on the scenic route by this point and I wish they had more of these conversations in the show. You do a great job with their dialog! Loved every bit!

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