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for Harry Potter Holy Terror

1/13 c17 wolfpackgigglesback
Kinda left wanting a bit. Overall not bad
9/18/2023 c17 Silver Wolf
I just noticed the COMPLETE notification showed up in the catalog but not in the story's chapters. The site seems to have issues. Too bad they don't have an 'Abandoned' flag as well, triggered a year after the last posted chapter AND with the COMPLETE at OFF.
9/18/2023 c17 Silver Wolf
Sorry to bother you. Chapter 17 ends with END. Does that mean that the story is complete? If so, may I suggest you put in the 'Complete' flag to ON so it records as being so?
4/8/2023 c17 Djanga
It felt as if you had three or four separate story ideas, none fully-fleshed out though, and decided to just smush them all together. In the end, there was a lack of follow through for all of them, resulting in a confusing, frustrating experience that went on far too long.

I would strongly suggest starting your writing process with an outline to plot out your story.
4/1/2023 c13 Robyn Hawkes
Well I’ve struggled through the last ten chapters but For the first time ever I you want to write a religious story don’t bring Harry Potter into it.
2/23/2023 c12 13Freddie Rindklip
Harry is too young, and over-powered in my opinion. Despite that this is an enjoyable read.
2/18/2023 c14 Eldersprig
wall of text? hard to make courtroom situations lively in a fantasy story.

will next chapter start out with "Harry my boy" followed 'fiendfire!'
2/18/2023 c13 Eldersprig
sigh. is this harry? who knows

when he runs into Dumbledore, hopefully he'll pop his head like an overripe pimple.
2/18/2023 c9 Eldersprig
Harry should find a new hobby
2/18/2023 c5 Eldersprig
last line. called it. this is what i always assumed was Dumble's agenda in canon. this "Dumbledore stole Harry's money" nonsense. No. This guy plays for higher stakes.
2/7/2023 c8 3Ducky1776
OK, I thought you said Claudette was Catholic. If she is, then she'd be calling the PRIEST Father and not Pastor.
2/5/2023 c8 lunaz
The story is becoming a little confusing. Also I thought they went to a Catholic church. The person who does the mass are called Priests not Pastors and they also do not marry and have kids.
2/5/2023 c7 lunaz
the story is good but choppy in places,also how would Karen as a ghost inform Harry's adoptive parents of his abuse at the stop over.
2/2/2023 c17 Mark1
This fic has so many inconsistencies, plot holes, and redundancy. But it was still readable and bearable, that is good... I think?
2/1/2023 c17 chuysaurus
this is the crackiest crack fic to every fic. holy hell. quasi-standard OP Harry start, with mysterious unexplained powers talking like a 30-year-old and getting into politics, abruptly shifted to America where really weird Christian mythology starts to get split in and then ignored, and then a 7-year-old is killing thousands of vampires by himself? so many unexplained decisions, characters randomly forgetting what they've done or have already learned that isn't always explained by dumbledore's mustache twirling evilness, and Harry murdering his way left and right without really much any consequence. this is the epitome of the murder hobo archetype.
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