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6/4 c1 ZeroExia
Yes yes yes I love I want more please. I honestly can find many stories like this, sad ain’t it.
5/16 c1 Grimtotem
Fun idea
5/11 c1 Dragon Bone Z
Let me get this straight, this story would follow an Izuku Midoriya who actually has a spine and some level of self-confidence? Nice. Do hope this becomes an actual story.
5/4 c1 4KingSlayerAzrael
always love seeing bakugo get put in his place. honestly, my biggest hangup over Izuku is his lack of confidence, it's pretty annoying how he doesn't get like this until way later in the story.
5/2 c1 1Liantei
5/1 c1 Guest
This is how Mha canon should have been in the manga/anime. Nice job
4/30 c1 Rebmul
i would love to see this come to fruition
4/30 c1 BoredKing
I wish confidence wasn't such a rare characteristic for Shonen main characters. Stories are always more interesting when the mc actually develop.

I honestly hate Bakugo, he is a bully through and through but is shown as a hero. He doesn't even have a redemption arc, Izuku just idolized him because he has a "powerfuldunk him in water, raise the temperature, or bath him in deodorant powder and he can't ignite his sweat and therefore useless) quirk and so we're expected to like him too, kits so stupid. (Just wanted to rant.)

I would be interested to see how a confident Izuku handles UA and all that's to come.
4/30 c1 2ranma hibiki
ok..granted, I know you said this is most likely to be a oneshot...but if you and or your muse (whom I will happily bribe with cheetos!) ever gets the idea to further this..it looks to be a most excellent idea! I'd like to see how this "Deku" would approach the UA, and his first class with Aizawa
4/30 c1 25Death Fury
excellent chapter, please continue it
4/30 c1 4597boss
He deserved it.
4/30 c1 monman07
more. good start to a new world
4/30 c1 4hnh058513
Definitly a good Idea to get some Spray to neutralise Bakugou's Sweat

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