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for Aizawa-sensei does not dream of Bunny Girl Joke

5/19 c1 centinel 432
5/6 c1 2sir brocktree
very good Yoji, More please.
5/3 c1 Agamveer
Eraserjoke for life. Naysayers fight me.
5/2 c1 Hatakewerbenjagermanjensen
I love eraserjoke, this was great
5/1 c1 fencer29
Emi might have been flattered to learn of Aizawa's dream. At least he was thinking of her.

Loved the extra little bit about Nezu. The only question would be whether he would have held off on sending out that second e-mail explaining how he could have been stopped until after he had already succeeded in taking over the world, or if he would send it out beforehand just to see if anyone would actually try and follow his suggestions.
5/1 c1 NonlinearWriter
This is amazing!
Regardless if you make this a 1 shot or not; the character development here was great and especially funny; amazingly so considering both characters are talking in hospital beds. Really like how you kept Joke's character while also sliding in all that depth of her character in her dialogue.

Aizawa is always hilarious as a straight man(comedy wise).

That Nezu aside was funny, definately like how he got on both the lists.

Thanks so much for this story, be nice if you decide to continue with it but regardless still great. Hope you're staying safe.
5/1 c1 Kid74c
I love seeing you explore concepts in one shots but I want so badly for a full story to come out of "Drunk for one" and "All for Deku".
5/1 c1 68Batmarcus
I hope there's more to this, because I love it. This conversation was sweet and genuine.
5/1 c1 DarkxKitsune15
This was nice good job
5/1 c1 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Guessing this is set post Tomura?
5/1 c1 SilverLux3264
This was a good story. I've always liked this pairing
5/1 c1 1avidreaded
Hehe, eraser-joke drugged to the gills post fight is definitely an amusing scene. And of course even then it's still cute. In a fun, goofy way. I appreciate the lack of faith, or rather the absolute certainty Aizawa has in his co workers.
5/1 c1 yomunot
Love the dynamic, also the (loosely paraphrasedwell I just wanted to ask you out on a date but I kind of overshot" bit is great lol
5/1 c1 1BlazaWolf
Sure did enjoy, this was nice.
5/1 c1 3The Doc K
This was pretty funny, Eraser and Joke are fantastic
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