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6/6 c4 3gregorian12
Yeah I can totally see Blitzo doing that! Also I imagine Moxxie to have a heart attack as soon as he hears the word Birch.


"Some guy named Birch." Blitz said "I will make him wish he was never born!"

"Sir, I'm going to ask you calmly, HAVE YOU GONE INSANE!?" Moxxie shouted. "YOU WANT TO PICK A FIGHT WITH THE KING OF HELL HIRED ASSASSIN!?"

Blitz (Holding the holy weapon) "Well not so much fight as blow his ever-loving brains out."

PS hope someone puts two and two together and realize this guy going to try and target Stolas next. (and really hope Stolas sends his daughter Octavia somewhere safe from Birch's gaze.)

6/4 c4 1avidreaded
Every chapter you notch up the anticipation and cool shit and I'm fucking loving it.
5/23 c3 1AdvancedAnunnaki
Awesome chapter, hope Sam succeeds in his goal.
5/19 c2 3gregorian12
Please keep up with the Vaggie/charlie pairing (I love those two)

Sam: So err... what is this Stolas like.

Apoc: Nice enough fellow, good father, TERRIBLE flirter... Oh that reminds me. Steer clear of his wife.

Sam: Why?

Apoc: Let just say she's a classist and leave it at that.
5/1 c1 1AdvancedAnunnaki
Please continue this.
5/1 c1 11OMAC001
Crud, Sam's gotta a temper. Hope he doesn't actually go through with this 'kill God' plan. Even if He turns out to be a #$% in canon, that would have major repercussions.
5/1 c1 1avidreaded
This seems real neat. Making me wonder if there's Hazbin Hotel content that I've missed though. Thought only the pilot was out.

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