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for The Gift of Rage

6/23 c35 The-White-Spiral
Oh my false gods, this has been such a great read all the way through
6/22 c35 essex2
Good end to the fight.
6/22 c35 3LordStar8045
thats was anime level of kicking ass
6/20 c16 Guest
Well then... That explains how Alastor got wounded.

And I'm wondering if Sam just managed to restore what was taken from him before he had the long fall. Certainly enough weird crap to happen for something like that.

There would be a great irony if in trying to 'deny' a weapon they ended up creating it in the first place. Because this? This seems way more powerful than whatever would have been. Heck, I half wonder if Sam is going to end up 'healing' the unhealable wounds of others. Even those taken in penalty.
6/20 c15 Guest
Alastor, breaking the fourth wall for plenty of time to do what he wants to prepare. :V
6/20 c8 Guest
Well then. Sam is going to do some cleaning up to do. Now that he remembers just what happened before he got dumped in hell. At least that's what it looks like.

Though they did take the 'Nothing' from him. So does that leave him with Something? :V
6/20 c7 Guest
Well then... I wonder if the Exorcists are trying to find Charlie. Maybe some things she thinks about her family aren't quite true.
6/20 c6 Guest
The Davy Crocket actually COULD launch its payload further than the blast, from what I read. It's just it's more 'interesting' to read about a stupid weapon that fails that badly. It also had other issues that made it not worth using.

However, given it's in Hell, that particular one probably can't.

And interesting details all around...
6/19 c1 Guest
I almost half expect Sam to make it all the way up, only to find out that he was too late. Someone else beat him to his goal years, maybe decades, before he died.

I mean, there's already mention of broken gods, so who is to say that the one 'unbroken' one, actually was. And it was just covered up.
6/16 c34 SJ84
I've followed along with this fic since you started it but never stopped to leave a review. Just wanted to let you know that this fic (as with all of your other writing) is amazing.
6/17 c34 Mysterious Venus
6/15 c34 essex2
Things are coming to a head, and I'm enjoying the trip.
6/3 c33 8WrittenByMeow
This chapter was a thing of beauty. Everything is coming to a head. I can't wait to see what's on the other side.
6/2 c33 1avidreaded
Ah, tried and true. Subvert your enemy's power base and leave them crippled and weak with no one and nothing to fall back to.
6/2 c33 essex2
Great start to the fight. I'd originally been worried that Moxxie, Millie, and Loona would turn things into a roflstomp, but it looks like Birch has some seriously powerful minions, which makes sense for Lucifer's Proxy.
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