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5/23 c1 susiegeorge
This is GREAT! Thank you:)
5/13 c1 4HaleHearty
George was SO cute when he was small and now he's growing up! I feel a bit like Della must now that he is almost a teenager. Please don't send the kids away from home too soon. I love Life with the Masons. Keep them coming.
5/8 c1 3GirlCalledIronside
LOL! Very funny
5/2 c1 Guest
Write whatever you want to write but please, please don't stop these Mason family stories. They are FANTASTIC AND ENTERTAINING!
5/1 c1 Guest
Delightful. Love the ending. Thanks for sharing.
5/1 c1 ACarwile
Hilarious Number 20! Had a twelve year old who spent all year in Silent Lunch with the rest of the reprobates for his wit. They became a table of mimes. :)
Thanks for the grin,
5/1 c1 Skysea
Cute story!
5/1 c1 Guest
Yes Della does rule the rest of the Mason world
Well done and thanks. Hope you finish your stories soon. I just love your style with the Masons
5/1 c1 Phoenix5129
Made me smile! Thanks for the cute story.
5/3 c1 31SlvrVxn
OUTSTANDING! I wish they could have made a TV movie like this. What a perfect story for our pair. As I’ve said, please keep them coming.
5/1 c1 52shari
Oh yes every family has a George. Dads find humor and moms not so much. They will talk to George about Della being sad about her older ones leaving home.
5/1 c1 milissak
excellent. please keep these up.
5/1 c1 tengland2
Rather funny, kids will be kids. Nicely done
5/1 c1 Tamarral
This was so good and cute

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