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for The Goblin Contract: Reopened

8/8 c1 Christopherprime22
This is a great step up from the original, you've certainly grown as a writer since then. I noticed it's been a while since you updated this one though, I hope you find the motivation to continue this.
6/17 c1 26JensenDaniels32
Dude, please go back to continuing your original version of this story. People don't like re-writes.
6/13 c1 Guest
This is very well done love the witcher character interaction with the other people so far hope to see more
5/29 c1 43Angry lil' elf
Good chapter, I had been reading your original Witcher/Goblin Slayer crossover and it was a bit cringey in a fair few parts, hopefully this remake will be much better. And an interesting fact about the Witcher universe, they do in fact have goblins; granted they're different from Goblin Slayer goblins, but they do have them in the Witcher universe, so perhaps Letho can draw up comparisons between Witcher world goblins and Goblin Slayer goblins? Something to think about.

Anyway, keep up the good work and I'll be keeping an eye on this. Good luck!
5/22 c1 11Super Comrade
Very nice
5/20 c1 3SamMason666
This is a really good start to the rewrite.
5/18 c1 Servantofcardin
Do you have something against Spearman?
5/17 c1 human dragon
An amazing chapter my friend great job :) and there is a female Witcher named Adela who was in the movie The Hexer that trained presumably in the Griffin school
5/8 c1 Hypastpist
hope this continues
5/8 c1 Devin Devin
It was a nice first chapter
5/1 c1 1wwgaming
heard this came back

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