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for The Frozen Flame Hero: Frost

6/4 c2 1The Dark Sapphire
It's a good start. I feel like you are putting too much time into worldbuilding when the people who read this already know about the MHA world.

Question? Why did you even bother making it a crossover if Naruko isn't even Naruto, if that makes sense. It's pretty much an OC with some of Naruto's personality traits. Was it so the story could reach a wider auidence?
5/25 c1 The badass penguin
It was awesome and a really cool idea, ya know!
5/23 c2 Rito Dragneel
please continue I like this concept
5/9 c2 Guest
This is interesting. What is Naruko's relationship with her father like at this point now that she's a pro hero with her own agency and is going to be a teacher at UA? I also imagine that Shoto's personality/attitude is a little different with Naruko around.
5/6 c2 Guest
Izuku x Himiko
5/6 c2 Guest
At least Naruko is someone that Stain will have the utmost respect for!
5/7 c2 Byakugon25
Loving this story even more. I like the part of Himiko having someone who accepts her and has helped her. I’m looking forward to see what UA will be like with Naruko there.
5/7 c2 UnsanMusho
Woah those are some interesting changes you've made to certain characters. Anyways I look forward to seeing how Naruko is like as a teacher and I wonder if any other Naruto characters are in this fic?
5/6 c2 DragoFae24
Interesting angle with himiko, will she remain good indefinitely or eventually be tempted by the league of villains(guessing not since shes not alone this time) but i wanted to ask. This was another great chapter and im always ready for more :)
5/6 c2 6PinkiePieParty122894
This is awesome I love it :) I can’t wait for the next chapter
5/6 c2 4CRed1988
This is interesting! Keep going!
5/6 c2 bossboss
really enjoyed the chapter and can't wait for more
5/6 c2 striker1036
Thank you for berating the heroes ( except all might) for doing nothing the entire time Bakugo was captured, and Naruko pointing out possible damages caused by Bakugo had he continuously used his quirk. And pointing out everything the Heroes done but didn't do.
5/6 c2 StrongGuy159
Cool 2 chapters continue please.
5/6 c1 ParadoxTheory374
And back to pathetic/hero complex Naruto/Naruko why? Guessing she has no previous memories of her past life. And seriously you gave her scars on her cheeks to appear more like Naruto quick boring.

If possible could you actually pick a antagonist for your protagonist? Instead of being a 'hero'?

Enjoying your work though, appreciate it.
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