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for Subaru gets ntrd

9/25 c1 2mbinmohdyusoff
heh? I can't read this chapter's writng. It looks like someone's clawing on it , it might even be a freakin Gospel
5/9 c1 Steinfield
I am confused but not dissapointed
5/5 c1 OtakuCruz
Pretty bad
5/2 c1 Guest
Honestly this story is actually worse than the original one. If anything it would best serve as the crappy out of context animation a youtuber would make to oversimplify a story. This story is terrible. You saying it is better is actually you trying to either troll us or boost your own ego very terribly. Please do not write more stories like this. You could do millions of tunes better so please try and put in the effort to improve. I am sure you can do better
5/2 c1 Guest
Thank goodness its not that "ntrd" fanfic you got me hahaha
5/2 c1 Ha
NGL This is Gold
5/2 c1 Mrtondark
I cam looking for Shit
But I found gold
5/2 c1 Guest
Finally some good shit
5/2 c1 Akeem Ronaldo
Dude this was so hilarious I laughed my ass off at the end
You also got me congratulations
5/2 c1 1Fallomic
Fucking gold mate
5/2 c1 GloriousUros
5/2 c1 Barusu Wannabe
Was Pandora about to say le N-Word?
5/2 c1 Noeies
5/2 c1 1stingrasher
I see what you did there lol
5/2 c1 CosmicBeholder
Copy and paste passive aggressive rant good job!
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