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7/11 c1 Shadow55
When about to update a new chapter
6/12 c1 Shadow55
Please please update
5/3 c1 Guest
I don’t know if you gets this but by any chance you can make kamen rider omnicron as a Grimm Amazon on rwby is driver is like the neo Amazon driver but grimm color theme and his rider form is like omega except the green part is black and the light brown is pale white also his henshin sound is “omnicron, bloody evol-evolution” the character origin is that he was a normal dude trying live his life with is complete set of the three Amazon ride watch alpha, omega, now but then transported to a world were humanity is fighting against the dark creatures of Grimm which is lead by a immortal being. His power is unique to say aleast his Amazons ride watch he had with him fuse in to him when he fell on a Random small pool of Grimm in the forest making him the first Amazon Grimm his ability is like Amazon neo but only difference is that not only he posses the same attack speed as the original neo have but jumping power as the omega and his new Grimm Amazon cell now name omnicron cell require the same protein as alpha he also have the ability to sense Grimm a mile away enstend of Amazon can sense negative emotions which is helpful when finding people which malice intend. Omnicron also his weapons is like biomass of black substance coming out of his right hand before manifest bone like substance on the weapon to confirm it fully ready to use also his bike which I believe is call jungler or something is with him I hope this idea get to you
5/3 c1 Guest
It's a big meh clearly saying from the begining that your OC have an harem make it boring cause harem always turn the same way and I don't know why people like those. it's better if it's not said from the beginning but slowly implanted while the story write itself to not force it on people . hope this comment will help you and maybe other author and if people don't like my way of thinking it's my personal opinion not a general opinion
5/2 c1 Shadow55
Great chapters
5/2 c1 Shadow55
Nice I can't wait to read more your chapters
5/2 c1 8Light Hero Kaiser
Oh this should be good great chapter mate
5/2 c1 37dannyrockon122

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