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for Stephanie Choice

5/15 c4 Guest
I. am a Ranger and Steph person.
5/17 c13 1txbabefan
What a whirlwind filled ride! I could see Steph and Tank wanting to keep a romance a secret from Ranger and Lula.
5/17 c1 64susan55
I don't know what you did but I was able to read the story,by the way it was great. You could always do a continuation.
5/15 c1 64susan55
I would like to read more of the story, but my emails won't open the other chapters so I can only read the first two.
5/2 c1 Guest
Hard to read I like Ranger a lot with Steph. Ranger said he didn't want relationships but never said he didn't want one with BABE recently. Please let next story be with Ranger and Steph together.

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