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for Eternal Loyalty

3/31 c1 Just a bored Highschooler
2/28 c3 N2
Please continue.
2/24 c3 Z
Please continue this because this story is really good and the best fate fanfiction about Hercules that I have read before
12/30/2021 c3 Tenma Kirin
Continue, pls!
11/20/2021 c1 Shen1412 - Formerly Enigma95
5/31/2021 c3 sugoijack9
Yeah it's more like 50% Zeus and 50% of her own will.
There's no redemption for a b*tch like her.
5/18/2021 c3 1dandragonmc
this is underated, keep up the amazing job
5/18/2021 c3 TimeDiver
Is this meant to be (more-or-less) a novelization of the events of Lostbelt 5.2?

Because although I haven't read any line-by-line fan translations (IF those even exist), much of this seems to more-or-less line up with the summaries..

...minus the sane SEKAI DE ICHIBAN TSUYOI DA KARA!, of course.
5/4/2021 c2 TimeDiver
Cue Koyanskaya / Tamamo-vitch / Da Ji (or whatever nom de gerre she chooses to go by nowadays) FLEXing her newfound Beast (V?) status... but with one stage of the battle representing the sheer humiliation she'd experienced at the hands of [s]the Ultimate Lifeform[/s], his Royal Highness [s]Lelouch vi Britannia[/s] Qin Shi Huangdi.
5/4/2021 c1 9Imperator's slave
I like it, great work! There aren't enough stories that focus on Ritsuka adventures in LB. Plus Herc being such a good servant to anyone other than Illya is rare too. Please continue!

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