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5/26 c9 Guest
good so far. can't believe she's being held for murder. perry will fix it.
5/24 c17 Guest
that was interesting from della. she didn't know duke snyder. was laura seeing duke snyder.
5/23 c16 Guest
well that was great. i forgot about DS too. could that be the one. better choice than della.
5/23 c15 Guest
della is a loveable person. she did say she was not interested in anyone. she wanted a career.
i don't know how much help glen can be. i wonder if this situation is long before he met laura.
5/22 c14 Guest
things are moving fast. didn't know about glen.
5/22 c13 Guest
i don't know why perry can't be della's attorney.
5/23 c25 susiegeorge
This was so enjoyable! Thank you. Keep them coming:)
5/20 c25 Adlig de Somel
Thanks for posting the complete story.
5/18 c13 Guest
i still don't know why perry can't defend della. constance is a good choice.
5/18 c25 Guest
Such a good story, I hate to see it end.. Thanks for sharing.
5/18 c25 Guest
Love this story! Thanks for continuing to let us be absorbed in your words!
5/20 c25 3GirlCalledIronside
Fabulous. Thanks for keeping me on edge! Nicely done
5/20 c25 25CaptainChaos
Wow! So enjoyed this and great suspense and plot twists along the way. Thanks for another great tale
5/17 c12 Guest
i still don't know why perry can't defend della. why can laura's father make decisions.
5/17 c25 A.D. Carwile
Thrilling climax! Satisfying conclusion too. I'll have to reread it carefully to get all the nuances, but here are the things that stand out: Paul's reaction to Duke Snyder, Connie's cross examination of Ed Cavanagh and Duke Snyder's confession. It would never have occurred to me that Laura was seeing Santini Paul's. " Laura's couple of cards shy of a deck..." was spot on.
You certainly do not disappoint! Thank you for all your efforts.
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