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4/9 c71 Danafal
1/21 c1 Dasgun
7/22/2023 c22 Bone Mommy
man I wanted draudillon fall in love with Ainz
6/20/2023 c71 Ancient OneEX
You know I never gave this fanfic a chance cause I didn't like its title, but alas I've ran out of things to read so I figured I would give this a try. It's a good thing I did.

There were a few questionable decisions along the line, and some of my fav characters had less appearances than I'd like, but this is still a damn good novel.
6/17/2023 c26 Guest
"When in doubt praise the gods..."
I've gotta try this trick during math finals...
6/4/2023 c17 Stormzy
Story back on track and I'm liking it
6/4/2023 c10 Stormzy
This started off pretty good but is starting to become overly complicated for no reason.
5/1/2023 c10 Gear master
The composition of the sentences are just incomplete. You’re missing some basic words like the a and.
5/1/2023 c10 Gear master
What about proofreading? Come on the grammar is awful.
4/27/2023 c71 1Tsuki-no-Hazama Hime
now that's a convincing end of awesome story... be right there on your new story
4/25/2023 c71 7zakan
Showing all the hard work that comes with the conquest?, Nice touch.
4/18/2023 c4 1Da Lone Ranger
true bros right there
4/18/2023 c3 Da Lone Ranger
I absolutely love the character interactions between the supreme ones.
4/15/2023 c70 7zakan
Sooo... Neia build is some kind of 'holy necromancer'?
4/4/2023 c68 1Tsuki-no-Hazama Hime
aww... so cute... I'm overwhelmed by the Cuteness!
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