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11/14 c57 2mairsarmy321
Damn, if i was given the option, i would defenitly choose to come as my own avatar :D :D

Great chapter and hope to see more of the other supreme beings and how they are doing
11/5 c5 JKingSniper
Renner will be a great onr
11/4 c5 JKingSniper
Wish Albedo was more respectful to her creator
11/4 c3 JKingSniper
Yeah time to conquer the world even faster
and become god
and crush the Human Supremist
11/4 c1 JKingSniper
This SI is a bro for making a harem for Momonga
11/1 c38 MrSlendy69
I just want to give Ankoro a hug, she deserves them all.
11/1 c56 The beginn of Red Dawn
11/1 c56 1shizyuutensuzaku
i used to love this fanfic in the early chapters, but when it comes to the outer ones, it became ridiculous and hard to understand who the fuck are these outer ones, not all are fans of h.p lovecraft. so yeah
10/29 c26 CZ2128DDelta
This has the energy of a casual army entering an endgame warzone. And an endgame player just using their most powerful attack on a harmless threat.
10/28 c13 CZ2128DDelta
yay Tuare and Ninya reunion! The God of Murder's personal kill squad is getting into shape nice.
10/28 c11 CZ2128DDelta
Reading the part on Zesshi whilst listening to Howl's moving castle theme was kinda perfect
10/28 c10 CZ2128DDelta
Awesome chapters loving a lot of side stories, Tabula's OP atome, Bukuma-rimuru, and now Eleleth and a fallen angel. I hope I would get to see more interaction with Mel and Eleleth. Also Swords of Darkness!
10/28 c8 CZ2128DDelta
YES, I am starting to love this series, Clementine's redemption arc baby! Thanks for the chapter it was fun
10/25 c9 ZhaWarudo
Ok fic, I was actually asking on reddit for one where someone prepares for the New World. This is sort of it, however the canon divergence so far is minor so I am disappointed. It's more like canon with a few extra characters and slightly less evil Nazarick.
What I was looking for would be someone with foreknowledge working on uplift and maybe against Nazarick. For all the benevolent dictatorship of canon, we don't see industrialization or magitech.
10/22 c10 Heika
In Judeo-Christian angelology, Seraphs have 6 wings; it's the Cherubs who have four (and I am pretty sure it will be the same in Overlord considering how long Judeo-Christian esotericism has been used in manga). The angel Metatron had 6x6 wings, so 36 or 42 depending on how you count them (do the base six wings that have six wings coming out of each count or do they not?).
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