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for Hope In The Darkness

5/14 c1 Guest
Soooo. What ever happened to Blake? She did take a Plasma grenade to the face and survived but that's about all we got before this massive time skip.
5/7 c1 Guest
The sequel is here at last! Loving it so far, Robin pretty much has her check list of people to kill mostly done with Lupus killing all the raider leaders off in his coup. So the only one left is Lupus himself, well and that ghoul but I don't know if he counts.
5/5 c1 Guest
So either Robin was high on shrooms or the Norse gods exist here, leaning towards the latter given the brothers are the true gods of Remnant unless they can travel from Earth to Remnant but not sure how with Remnant being in a different dimension or wherever it is.
5/4 c1 MemeMasterAssBlaster
I know should be rooting for Robin, but I just can't. I know Cainen will probably die by the end of this, but I still want him to win somehow. A man can only dream huh?

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