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for Flames to Embers

9/30/2022 c21 3brookeyy14
This last chapter seemed to have an uploading problem, I couldn’t read it
6/13/2022 c21 2NatRose17
I really would like to continue reading, but this is a bit past my limit, maybe trying to upload it again?
2/20/2022 c17 Guest
I love Katniss standing up for Finnick.. Thought this is a bit rushed
2/9/2022 c16 Guest
Please please please post!
12/8/2021 c15 40ReadBooksWriteThings
Ahhhhhh omg poor Finnick! It's so sad how the Capitol has taken everything away from him. He's so strong for getting through all of that and it's so sad how he can't even be happy with Katniss. This chapter was written so well though. All those feels!
12/3/2021 c14 ReadBooksWriteThings
Ahhhhh Finnick's love for Katniss is adorable! I love the detail of blood being in Snow's cup. So smart.
12/3/2021 c13 ReadBooksWriteThings
Oh poor Finnick. I didn't realize that Katniss releasing that song would have an effect like that.
11/30/2021 c14 3Annabeth777
I relate to the wattpad comment so much.

Great chapter!
11/29/2021 c14 miaoca304
Oh this made me super sad, angsty and in a crying mood. Now I feel super guilty about imagining something funny in the last chapter. ToTπーπ)(T_T). But this was such a Good chapter! I loved the angst. Heres to hoping katniss like, maybe, like strikes a deal to do more songs and sell albums so our dear finnick doesn’t have to sell himself. TTಢ_ಢ༽ I feel like such a mood! I feel so bad for finnick. Poor boy has to sell himself to keep katniss safe ʕ ಡಡ ʔ. Anyways, Great surprise chapter! This was a good late thanksgiving present! WAAHAHHAAH. The angst was so angsty I feel angsty. I eagerly await the next chapter!
11/29/2021 c13 miaoca304
Oh my GOD. This was SO GOOD. I just lost it when he said his clients were disgusted with him! Now I have this picture in my mind that he first heard the song with a client because the capitol client JUST HAD to listen to the latest news on her Favorite Victor! And then as she hears the song beside finnick in a couch probably, despite it being disgusting that she buys a human for a night and like, condones the hunger games, etc, as the song keeps going on she keeps glancing at the Tv and back at finnick with this shocked, angry, disgusted look. And this probs keeps happening until the song ends and she just goes quiet and finnick is probably feeling awkward i guess. And then she does a death glare towards finnick and screams GET OUT! I am just laughing! This was a brilliant chapter! Super super brilliant! i loved it! It inspires my mind with so much “extra scenes” of capitolians gossiping about finnick and crying and like weirdly being emphatic to katniss’ relationship problems lol! Thankyou again for using my idea! It was brilliant!
11/17/2021 c12 Guest
Oh my goodness first thank you for that response in the Ted talk! 10/10 made me feel special and really appreciate it and totally get you. I love that you’re making this story better than the original. Second, Finnicks tragic secrets are heartbreaking! I wonder what Katniss is hiding! The end of the games were a little rushed but still good. But omg Snow will definitely not be happy with anything! Until next time!
11/18/2021 c12 40ReadBooksWriteThings
Oh poor Katniss. Her second games were a lot quicker but I liked the characters. I'm glad Peeta made it out alive and I'm curious to see what it'll be like when he's not the love interest. It's so sad how Katniss corrected him after he called his brothers both of thiers. Poor Finnick too. I wish he and Katniss could just be happy together. The next games is Johanna though so I'm really excited.
11/15/2021 c12 Guest
I LOVE this story so much! Its good! And now that we have the first breakup, I cant help but imagine Katniss writing a song (All too Well? Taylor Swift? God Im too addicted to the rerelease WHHAHAAH) and it going famous making everyone, even finnick’s clients hate hime because they want them both back together and katniss just continuing to write songs until snow’s basically forced to allow them to be together due to public outcry lol
11/15/2021 c12 miaoca304
I LOVE this story so much! Its good! And now that we have the first breakup, I cant help but imagine Katniss writing songs about the breakup and releasing it lol (All too well? Taylor swift? Gosh Im too addicted to the rerelease HWHAHAHAH) and the public, even finnick’s clients start to hate him for breaking her heart and want them to get back together lol. And she keeps writing songs until Snow is forced to allow them to be together due to the public outcry
11/5/2021 c11 Guest
I don’t think it was fair for Peetas dad to tell her like that. Clearly the only reason he did it was for her to save Peeta. So he doesn’t care about her at all or he would’ve said some thing when she went in the games the first time. Or when her dad died and she was starving. Seems pretty fishy. And there’s not been any interaction between katniss and peeta so it’s unrealistic for him to claim she loves him at that point in the interview. They definitely need to talk about the twin thing and what he did about outing the secret because she was already desirable so he was only looking to help himself. And I didn’t like how finnick was falling apart when he should have been more concerned that she was falling apart because it’s her that has to go back into the arena. Also I’m not a big fan of Zahras point of view but I appreciate her as a character. I liked the part with her and other mentors respecting her. And 10/10 with that finnick kiss. Keep updating! Looking forward to more.
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